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Mom & Baby Fashion Shop Design - Miss. My Vinh

Mom & Baby Fashion Shop Design - Miss. My Vinh
Project Field: Fashion
Project location: Bến Tre
Area: 28 m2
The project of My Vinh mom & baby fashion shop is one of many  that we have done with a very high level of perfection. To do that, we have to meticulously select the most suitable and high quality materials and then put them into the design with the delicate eyes of the architect.
Today, we will share a few pictures as well as an evaluation perspective on the design project of My Vinh mom & baby fashion shop so that you can refer to your own plans!


  • Project name: Mom & baby fashion shop design 
  • Investor: Luu My Vinh
  • Address: 3/3 Tran Thi Tiet - Thach Phu town - Thach Phu district - Ben Tre province
  • Area: 28m2


we use the main tones of white, yellow wood to create a friendly, close and gentle. Because we understand clearly that the customers here will be mothers and babies.

thiet ke shop me be 5
Mom & Baby Fashion Shop Design 

Right from the front, we can see the prominence shown through the shop's signboard. With a red border combined with a yellow background color and letters made of extremely eye-catching mica material.

Going inside the interior space of  mom & baby fashion shop with the main colors being wood yellow and white. This color tone brings friendliness and intimacy, especially to children.

thiet ke shop me be 2
Mom & Baby Fashion Shop Design

The floor is covered with high quality melamine wood with light yellow color. Children coming here will definitely feel comfortable, excited and parents will feel secure.

Here, we install shelves and cabinets with wall-mounted designs to display products to save space.

thiet ke shop me be 3

Thiết Kế Shop Thời Trang Mẹ Và Bé - Mỹ Vinh

The wall surface is painted alternately between white, yellow and blue colors, contributing to making the interior space more lively.

In addition, we also decorate with some details such as balloons, teddy bears to attract children's attention as well as provide a great experience.

Above are some pictures as well as an evaluation perspective on the design project of Mom & baby fashion shop. After reviewing, if you like, you can contact us immediately for a free consultation!

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