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Ngoc Viet fashion shop design

Ngoc Viet fashion shop design
Project Field: Fashion
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 130 m2


  • Project name:  NGOC VIET FASHION SHOP
  • Investor's name: PHAM QUYNH
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 130m2
  • Address: University of Sports, KP6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District
  • Time: April 2021


- Ideas – Style

Anh Quynh came to Masta with the desire to find suggestions for his fashion shop . With a business orientation of leather goods, not only limited to costumes, he plans to have more accessories and footwear products to diversify the sales portfolio. Therefore, we need to have flexible and especially creative, unique and attractive ideas for the store.

The modern, youthful and professional style will match the variety of fashion shops owned by Mr. Quynh.

Sự năng động, trẻ trung của Shop thời trang Ngọc Việt
The dynamism and youth of Ngoc Viet Fashion Shop

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- Space in the  store

With the available premises including 1 ground floor and 1 mezzanine floor, Masta creates a spacious, airy and visually consistent overall space. The combination of yellow - black colors creates a personality and dynamism for the fashion shop.

Thiết kế shop quần áo của anh Quỳnh
Designing clothes shop of Mr. Quynh

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- Business area on the 1st  floor

In order to attract customers, we use all tempered glass in the store's facade design, creating attractiveness for customers for the products inside.

Mặt tiền thu hút
attractive fronts 

Masta spends the first floor space for the investor to focus on  displaying fashionable clothing products and impressive footwear models. The clear division of space will be extremely convenient for shoppers.

Mặt bằng kinh doanh tại tầng 1
Business premises on the 1st floor

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Kệ giày tại tầng 1
Shoe racks  on the 1st floor 

Here, Masta designs clothes racks with powder-coated iron frames in various sizes. The simplicity of these racks will help the investor optimize the display space and create a feeling of expanded space.

Giá treo đồ với nhiều kích thước đa dạng 
Hanging racks with various sizes and forms

The customer's fitting area is designed with full-body mirrors to help customers get the best experience when coming to this fashion shop.

Khu vực thử đồ kín đáo
Secret space for fitting area

- Trading area  on the 2nd floor

Mezzanine floors with low railings help unobstructed views and create a more spacious feeling. To serve the display, Masta designed the display racks with electrostatic iron frames, ensuring high durability against the wall.

Khu vực hàng trên tầng 2
The cargo area on the 2nd floor

The low cabinets use high-quality melamine wood pallets with diverse sizes and heights suitable for each type of product. In particular, the series of cabinets displaying sophisticated accessories are designed with 3 floors with Acrylic table tops showing sophistication and high aesthetics for Fashion Shop design..

Tủ trưng bày được bố trí khoa học
Display cabinets are arranged scientifically

Lighting system is an extremely important element in fashion shop design, it not only helps to enhance the products, but the use of lighting effects also affects the psychology and purchasing decisions of customers.

Cận cảnh thiết kế nội thất shop thời trang 
Close-up of fashion shop interior design

Điểm nhấn từ nội thất vân gỗ nhẹ nhàng
Highlights from soft wood grain furniture
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To own a unique fashion shop design like this, do not hesitate to contact us for advice and support!

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