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HAPPY Naspa – gym Design

HAPPY Naspa – gym Design
Project Field: Build
Project location: Bình Dương
Area: 140 m2

Spa and gym business is gradually becoming the popular trend because the demand for beauty and health protection of people increasing day by day. Today Masta Interior would like to introduce  you to an extremely impressive project that we have just implemented. This is a project to design a luxurious residential spa business space. Explore the images of this design with us.

Project information

  • ​Project: Happy  Naspa – Gym design
  • Investor: Mrs.Hai
  • Area: 140m2
  • Address: Thu Dau Mot New City, Binh Duong Province
  • Time: July 2021


Design ideas and styles for Naspa

The spa service is opened to help customers have moments of relaxation, let go of worries and pressure in their life . Using a Japanese-style spa space with a simple layout is a new trend nowadays. Because the simpler something is, the easier it is to exist and to be accepted. Towards simple, idyllic, familiar things will be the perfect choice, creating positive experiences for customers and spa services.

Thiết kế NA spa - Gym Happy
Happy Naspa - gym design 

Japanese design style is always towards minimalism, close to nature, so the furniture used is mostly made of wood. Therefore, to be more suitable with the brown wood tone, the white color used will be more suitable.

Layout of  NASpa

As you can see, the owner’s villa is very large, so the entire first floor space is dedicated to the spa business. With an area of ​​​​up to 140m2, we are free to arrange and divide each functional area for this. Living room space and service rooms are separated to bring the most professionalism and privacy to NA Spa.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy
Happy Naspa -  gym Design

Opening the door, you will be warmly welcomed to a luxurious living room with a large soft sofa set. The two sides of the main living room are the two main service rooms that NA spa brings to customers. One is the body massage room and the other is the facial massage room. Each room is equipped with the necessary furniture and services to provide the best service to customers.

Details of Happy Naspa &  gym Design

You will easily recognize the Happy Naspa - gym on the street thanks to the facade with a very large sign. The facade is fitted with a large set of mica letters on the eaves and a PP printed sign board with pictures of people exercising at the gym. From there, it attracts attention and makes a very good impression on passersby.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy

The inside of NA spa has a delicate beauty and something luxurious. All walls are glued with paper combined with natural wooden walls and doors, making people more attracted by the appearance of NA spa.

Its living room is set with a large tea table and soft felt sofas. The ceiling and wall behind the sofa are decorated with wooden slats to create a cozy and close feeling like being at home. Along with that, a high ceiling wooden cabinet is also located in the living room space. This cabinet is like a decorative interior to make the space more beautiful, but at the same time, it also displays certificates of merit for the achievements that NA spa has achieved.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy

To get lights for the living room of NA spa, we use 2 combined elements: natural light and artificial light. Natural light will be reflected through two small glass windows next to the logo wall behind the tea table. If the light is too strong, you can lower it. The artificial light is created from the ceiling light and the decorative chandelier above. From there, always ensure the most suitable brightness for NA spa - Happy gym.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy

The massage rooms are designed to be self-contained to bring the best peaceful and relaxing space for customers. The body massage service room is placed with solid wooden beds, on top of which are padded pads to give customers a fantastics feeling. Each thin chiffon curtain is hung between each bed to create softness for the space as well as ensure privacy for each customer.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy

Wooden cabinets for storing towels, utensils or lavabo are also located in this service room. Thereby creating convenience and self-contained massage service. Some wall paintings, potted plants or vases are suitable decorative products for spas. Then having both a beautiful space and contributing to creating positive emotions, making the effectiveness of massage services better.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy

Unlike the body massage room, the facial massage room has a slightly different design. This room is not decorated much and distinguishes 2 separate areas: washing hair, face massage with makeup. Three soft mattress beds are the place to bring the best facial care services. Metal CNC wall and wall paintings create accents for this area.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy

Opposite it is a long wooden table with a wall mounted arched bed. Here, each face is painted to make women look their best when they go to parties. Above the makeup seats are 2 spherical pendant lights with artistic swirls.

Thiết kế Na spa - Gym Happy

In addition to the above two service rooms, the NA spa also has a sauna room. This room is not decorated much, but only put the sauna equipment hidden behind the wooden cabinet door.

Although it seems simple, this NA spa design is very beautiful and sophisticated, isn't it? If you also want to own a spa space like this, please call Masta Furniture immediately for advice. Our team of experts are always happy to give you free advice to help you own beautiful and impressive business spaces.

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