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Interior design of Mis Sang' s House - in Dong Nai

Interior design of Mis Sang' s House - in Dong Nai
Project Field: Home
Project location: Đồng Nai
Area: 304 m2



+ Investor's name: TRAN THI KIM SANG

+ Category: Full interior

+ Area: 400m2

+ Address: Hiep Phuoc Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province

+ Time: April 2021


Receiving information and the needs of Ms. Sang, Masta Interior knows her desire to build a real home, not just a place to shelter from the sun and rain. When life has become full, people always aspire to higher values, improve the quality of life. Understanding the wishes of customers, Masta put all her heart into the project of Interior design of a family house for her family.

1.Survey, setting  ideas and styles 

Advantages - Difficulties

Located in a central commune of Nhon Trach district, Ms. Sang's house has a convenient location for moving and construction. The large floor area allows Masta's design team to unleash their creativity. However, this is also a challenge for us, because the more advantages we have, the higher the requirements of the investor for the project and the more careful and meticulous the design and construction process must be.

Solutions to solve  problems

With the available house design, we realize that the neoclassical style towards luxury is really suitable for Ms. Sang's family. Accordingly, Masta came up with the idea of ​​​​using the main color of cream white, accented by navy blue combined with intermediate colors such as black and yellow of stone - simple but no less elegant. How this idea is realized, let's explore the space inside the house to see the ingenuity and sophistication in the interior design.

Tổ ấm của gia đình chị Sang

Design the living room space of Ms. Sang's house.

2. Realize design ideas

Living room design

Seen as the face of the house, Masta wants the living room to clearly express its style, showing its distinctive features.

 With the white color mainly , we use the same-tone interior, accented with yellow and black to highlight the luxury. Tea table with tempered glass frame bordered with stylized legs with gold-plated paint, high-class wooden sofa with sturdy metal frame creating a harmonious overall is the highlight of the living room space.


Sự sang trọng tại trong thiết kế phòng khách

Design the living room space 

Mirror frames with unique design and appropriate decorative items also contribute to highlighting the neoclassical style of the room.

Luxurious shelf design using high-quality Acrylic materials is painted black with table legs and gold-copper decorations that are extremely interesting.

Moisture-resistant MDF wood is cleverly applied in the design of delicate shoe cabinets, still helping the living room to retain its elegant and luxurious features.

Nhấn nhá trong màu sắc khiến căn phòng thêm phần sang trọng

Emphasise in color makes the room more luxurious

The modern and cozy kitchen

The kitchen is considered as a place to keep the family's fire, so we want each member to feel the connection in this space.

Căn bếp xinh xắn của gia đình chị Sang

Design a little nice kitchen

MDF wood is used flexibly by Masta's architects in interior designs such as tables, chairs, and cabinets. High-quality rattan stone on the kitchen countertop helps to ensure durability, aesthetics and consistency in the kitchen.

Bếp ăn với màu sắc hài hòa tạo cảm giác nhẹ nhàng, dễ chịu

The kitchen with harmonious colors creates a feeling of lightness and comfort

A beautiful small dining table with simple design, elegant colors will bring members together for family meals.

Một góc trong căn bếp

A corner in the kitchen

Design of stairs connecting floor space.

Natural wooden stairs with  spotlights on the wall create luxury.

Cầu thang gỗ tự nhiên

Natural wooden stairs

The split design with spotlights shows creativity in lighting layout as well as lighting decoration.

Đèn trang trí sáng tạo

Creative decorative lights

Hành lang thông các không gian

Corridors through spaces


With a beautiful navy blue bedroom design idea. Architects use geometric lines combined with soft lines of furniture, materials used include moldings, velvet fabric.

Sự phối hợp hoàn hảo giữa màu sắc và chất liệu

The perfect combination of colors and materials

We create a gentle space, so that members can relax and enjoy life.

Phòng ngủ chuẩn 5 sao
5 -star standard bedroom

Meeting the needs of customers when they want to use part of the space to work, Masta intelligently handles the space to take advantage of natural light.

Phòng ngủ đa năng

Multipurpose bedroom Design


Phòng khách được thiết kế với màu sắc hài hòa

The living room is designed with harmonious colors

Chi tiết phào chỉ được thi công tỉ mỉ

The details of the molding are only meticulously constructed


As a place for customers to relax and relax, Masta offers a modern bathroom design with tempered glass to separate the space but not create a feeling of being cramped and oppressive. Minimalism is advised by the architect of Masta to make the bathroom look more spacious.

Phòng tắm nhỏ nhắn nhưng được xử lý không gian khéo léo

The bathroom is small but cleverly spaced

High-class sanitary equipment creates class and luxury.


Thiết kế tối giản trong phòng tắm

Minimalist design in the bathroom

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