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Design of Japana cosmetics shop at Aeon Mall Tan Phu

Design of Japana cosmetics shop at Aeon Mall Tan Phu
Project Field: Cosmetic
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 80 m2

As one of the famous Japanese cosmetics suppliers in Vietnam, Japanna Vietnam Company is looking for a reputable shop construction unit to design a cosmetics shop store in Aeon Mall Tan Phu.

Through research, Japana decided to cooperate with Masta Interior to create this  beautiful and impressive cosmetics shop design. Let's take a look  to see what makes this shop design so special.

Information about Japana cosmetics shop at Aeon Mall Tan Phu

  • Investor: Japana Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • Address: Aeon Mall Tan Phu, 30 Bo Bao Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Construction area: 80m2

Key features of the project 

Because the total construction area of ​​this cosmetics shop is very small, only 8m2 and  allocated into 2 separate areas, so the architect of Masta had to calculate very carefully before giving this 3D drawing. The main color of the interior products is selected with white paint. Along with the color of the Japana brand, red helps to create accents and highlight a lot

thiet ke shop my pham japanna 1
Japana cosmetics shop design

Taking advantage of the building's pillar, we surrounded it with glass panels with pictures of products to further promote and help customers recognize the booth from afar. Led lights are installed in this area to make it more prominent. The cosmetic shelves are designed on both sides with different floor compartments to help display more product samples.

thiet ke shop my pham japanna 2
Design of Japana cosmetics store  

A rotating shelf is placed in the middle, next to it are four platforms to display samples or hot-selling product lines. The impressive L-shaped shelf is placed right at the front to attract customers' attention.

thiet ke shop my pham japanna 3
Interior design of Japana cosmetics store at Aeon Mall Tan Phu

All of these product display shelves are fitted with LED lights above to create more prominent light for the products. The walls around the shelves are attached with pictures of the company's products being sold. This method both adds something of nature to the shop design, and serves to promote the products better.

Thiết kế shop mỹ phẩm Japanna
Japana cosmetics shop design

A simple set of tables and chairs is also placed at this booth to serve customers better. Customers can comfortably sit and listen to advice on how to care and use the products without annoyance.

Khu vực bày sản phẩm mẫu của Japanna
Japana's sample products display area

Next is a small area with the function of introducing Japana products and brands to customers. This area is used as a cabinet with a large compartment to mount a TV screen, serving for product presentation and introduction. The two sides are shelves with multiple floors. That one also placed 2 floor shelves with curving curves according to the display area.

Khu vực giới thiệu sản phẩm của Japanna
Product introduction area of Japana shop

Above is the design of the cosmetics store at Aeon Mall Tan Phu that we built and designed.

If you are looking to design your shop, please contact Masta for advice and a quote. With a team of creative architects, we will bring beautiful and impressive shop designs.

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