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Design of Dan Nhi seafood store in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

Design of Dan Nhi seafood store in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai
Project Field: Supermarket
Project location: Đồng Nai
Area: 40 m2

The fresh seafood business is a relatively attractive idea for those who want to enjoy fresh food. Now, Masta interior's like to introduce to you the design of  Dan Nhi seafood store -40m2 area in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai.

Information about Dan Nhi seafood store

  • Investor's name: HONG NHI
  • Year of birth: 1996
  • Category: Full Shop
  • Area: 40m2
  • Style: Modern, multi-function
  • Address: Nguyen Thi Giang - Thanh Binh, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
  • Time: October 2021

Ideas for Dan Nhi seafood store Design 

After receiving the project owner's intention, Masta's architect came to survey and discuss directly with the owner to design the seafood store. current status , this shop has a fairly simple, outdated and unscientific design. This is the reason why Ms. Nhi contacted Masta to help create a unique and outstanding store space.

 Hiện trạng thực tế cửa hàng hải sản Đan Nhi trước khi Masta thiết kế lại
Current status of Dan Nhi seafood store before redesign 

To bring a completely new look, we advise to change the entire interior of the store in a modern style, with impressive and attractive colors to attract customers' attention. In particular, it still retains the dominant orange tone with the direction of sand hills and Cham towers in Binh Dinh Province for the store.

Mặt bằng bố trí nội thất shop hải sản Đan Nhi
Interior layout of Dan Nhi seafood shop

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Design details of Dan Nhi seafood store

- Decorate the front part of Dan Nhi seafood shop

To make the store's facade outstanding and attractive, Masta cleverly arranged 2 small seafood display shelves in front of the door to attract passers-by.

  • The large shelf on the right of the store is made from industrial pine wood combined with an iron frame of 20 * 20 powder coated boxes. The bottom of the shelf has a very eye-catching canvas print.

  • The small fish counter on the left of the store is made from a stainless steel frame combined with 5mm tempered glass and has extremely convenient trolley wheels.

Mặt tiền cửa hàng đặc sản Bình Định Đan Nhi
Front part of Dan Nhi specialty store

Masta also uses facade light boxes to decorate both sides of the door. This light box is made from an iron frame of 20 * 20 powder coated boxes, with canvas prints and LED lights inside.

- Design the cashier counter area of ​​the store

To replace the store's previous simple desk, Masta's architect designed a very modern and professional cashier counter. This counter is made from moisture-resistant MDF with 2K orange and gray paint. The counter is designed with drawer rails, damping hinges and table legs with rubber buttons to avoid scratching the floor. The counter is designed quite spaciously to be able to place equipment such as computers, barcode scanners,...

Thiết kế quầy thu ngân hiện đại, chuyên nghiệp
Modern and suitable cashier counter design


- Designing seafood display area

The design of Dan Nhi seafood store is in a modern style, so the entire interior is selected as simple, multi-functional  items and has an interesting fresh orange color. 2K orange painted MDF wood is the main material for the entire store interior. Combined with LED lights in the wall shelves and dry goods display shelves in the middle of the house, the seafood store becomes more luxurious and classy.

Không gian nội thất trưng bày thủy hải sản
Interior space for display seafood

The store  area is about 40m2, it’s not so large, then the furniture used is mainly low shelf models, with simple lines and shapes. Around the wall, the architect has arranged a system of wall shelves and shelves of different sizes that are shot directly onto the wall extremely firmly. This wall-to-wall layout helps the store to make use of a lot of space without having to limit the area. In the middle of the store, there is a small fish counter that is considered the most noticeable highlight for the store space. This counter has a 304 stainless steel frame combined with 5mm tempered glass on the top and rubber stoppers on the bottom.

Hệ thống tủ kệ trưng bày hải sản cao cấp, hiện đại

High-grade and modern seafood display cabinets system

The unique ceiling design with plastic wood flooring makes the store space more luxurious and classy.

- Details of decoration in Dan Nhi seafood store

Masta's architects have arranged a few posters using funny and lovely pipi prints, which have helped to make the store space more lively and at the same time bring excitement to customers. Not only that, the architect also designed a logo wall and printed canvas to decorate the shop space.

Vách logo và poster trang trí bắt mắt, lôi cuốn

Eye-catching and attractive decorative logos and posters 

The background is made from plastic slides (size 3200*1180) combined with Alu and mica letters on the surface. In addition, the logo and brand "DAN NHI" are designed with a luminous face. The lettering "Huong vi que huong” - chat luong tuyet voi" is designed to be non-luminous. To bring goodwill to customers, Masta also designed a canvas with the words "Xin Cam on hen gap lai" above the door so that when customers leave, they can see it.

Hình ảnh thiết kế tạo sự thân thiện và hiếu khách

The design image creates friendliness and hospitality

In addition, the store's lighting system is also very diverse with many different types of lights such as Spotlight,  track lights, downlights, 1200 tube lights and high pressure lights. This highlighted the store's flagship products and made product identification easier.

These are all images and design ideas for Dan Nhi seafood shop ,40m2 ,in Bien Hoa. If you have a business idea for this product but do not know how to design it beautifully and attract customers, let’s Masta follow for the success of your business.

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