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Design of 60m2 Tablet Plaza store in Binh Duong

Design of 60m2 Tablet Plaza store in Binh Duong
Project Field: Computer
Project location: Bình Dương
Area: 60 m2

Today, technology stores all have one common thing: a preference for modern style. Therefore, Masta's architect designed Mr. Long's Tablet Plaza store with a black color scheme combined with a white background and a luxury interior. Thanks to that, the store has exuded a modern and professional beauty. Let's consider how to design this right now

Information about the design project of a Tablet Plaza store in Binh Duong

  • ​Investor's name: MR. LONG
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 60m2
  • Style: Modern, luxurious.
  • Address: Ly Thuong Kiet, Di An Ward, Binh Duong Province
  • Time: December 2021

Mặt bằng bố trí cửa hàng máy tính bảng Tablet Plaza
The layout of the Tablet Plaza 

Ideas for design Tablet Plaza shop

Hiện trạng trước khi thiết kế, thi công cửa hàng máy tính bảng ở Bình Dương
The status before construction

Based on the request of designing a computer shop in a modern, luxurious, convenient and cost-effective style of the investor ,Mr. Long. Masta's architect designed a tablet store  in black - white tones and the interior is painted with glossy paint. The interior of the shop is designed to be simple but beautiful and highly functional.

Thiết kế nội thất cửa hàng máy tính bảng sang trọng, hiện đại
Luxurious  and modern tablet store interior design

 Besides, architects will not use too many display cabinets to help the space become more spacious.

Details of the project

The architect designed the computer shop using black as the main color for the interior combined with the white background to create a strong contrast effect that attracts the attention of customers.

- Design a signboard for the Tablet Plaza store

The storefront is simply designed with a simple signboard made from a black alu frame and a glowing Poster box. On this signboard, there is a set of logos and mica letters with the brand name "TABLET PLAZA" glowing feet. The mica letter "OPEN YOUR TECH WORLD" at the bottom is designed to be non-luminous to save money for investors.

Thiết kế mặt tiền cửa hàng máy tính bảng Tablet Plaza
Front design of Tablet Plaza store

  The large front of the shop and the glass doors somewhat show the modern quality of the products in the store. In addition, the architect used the black tone with white and orange words as the main combination creates  a strong contrast to stimulate the vision vision.

- The tablet store's cashier and technical support area

 In order to ensure multi-functions , Masta interior has designed a cashier counter combined with technical support for the store. This counter is made from MDF with melamine coating, which is very luxurious and modern.

Thiết kế quầy thu ngân và hỗ trợ kỹ thuật
Cashier counter and technical support design

 Behind the counter, we decorated a lovely logo wall to create a highlight for the store. On the wall there is a set of logos + mica letters "TABLET PLAZA" that light up the legs (size 1985*170) and mica letters "OPEN YOUR TECH WORLD" that  glow (size 1090*50).

Bố trí vách logo tại quầy thu ngân
Arrange the logo wall at the cashier counter

- Tablet display area

The store space is not too small, so it is not difficult for the architects to design the store modern and luxurious. With the dominant black - white color scheme, the store has a better ability to catch lights, so that the space is also more spacious.

The most striking is in the center of the store, Masta has 3 tables and 2 cabinets for both display and product testing. This selected display desk is made from a powder-coated iron frame combined with melamine wood on the surface. And the display cabinet in the middle of the house is made mainly of MDF covered with melamine and painted 2K combined with hangers for accessories.

Thiết kế khu vực trưng bày máy tính bảng
Design the tablet display area

  In the area near the wall, Masta has 8 standing cabinets and 2 display tables for the store space. The display cabinets are designed with 2K painted MDF wood with many compartments combined with 8mm regular glass doors and led lights in each batch. The two display tables close to the wall are also made mainly of 2K painted MDF. 

Above these 2 tables, Masta has arranged 2 very beautiful glowing poster boxes. This poster box is made from melamine wood combined with 5mm tempered glass, pipi prints and eye-catching decorative LED lights. With this design, the store can display many products and still be neat.

Nội thất trưng bày của cửa hàng
furniture of the store 

Besides, Masta  also arranged two sets of consulting tables and chairs in front of the cashier counter. This consulting table has a surface made from MDF wood covered with composite plastic, stainless steel legs. The consulting chair is a type with a PU-painted curved backrest cushion, stainless steel frame.

Above are Masta's sharings about the design of the Tablet Plaza tablet store in Binh Duong. For more helpful  advice, please immediately contact Masta via the hotline for experts to support you.

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