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Design Cathy foods supermarket in Binh Duong

Design Cathy foods supermarket in Binh Duong
Project Field: Supermarket
Project location: Bình Dương
Area: 52 m2

Currently, supermarkets have become a business trend that is no longer strange to everyone. With a area of 52m2, Ms. Thuy came to Masta Interior to be able to own a beautiful supermarket design called Cathy Foods with a modern, rustic space and suitable for her business needs. Let's take a look at this design in the article below.

Design information 

  • Investor's name: Mrs.  Thuy
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 52m2
  • Style: Modern, Fresh
  • Address: Rubyland front gate, TC3 My Phuoc 2 Industrial Park, Ben Cat, Binh Duong Province
  • Time: December 2021

Thiết kế cửa hàng thực phẩm Cathy Foods
Cathy Foods store design

Ideas for Cathy Foods supermarket Design

After receiving the project order, Masta's architects had a site survey to be able to produce detailed and accurate 3D drawings.

Hiện trạng siêu thị Cathy Foods ở Bình Dương
Current status of Cathy Foods supermarket in Binh Duong

After agreeing on the plan with Ms. Thuy - the investor, Masta's architect designed the mini supermarket in a modern, rustic style and focused on space. By taking ideas from the image sof the farm - country, along with green tones combined with natural wood colors.

Mặt bằng bố trí nội thất của siêu thị Cathy Foods
The layout of Cathy Foods supermarket

Details of Cathy Foods supermarket Design

The architect of Masta has designed the interior of the supermarket to be extremely simple, in order to optimize the use and save money for the investor. Basically, this supermarket design can be divided into 3 parts: Front, reception and display.

- Facade design for Cathy Foods supermarket 

A striking front will help the store attract customers and passersby. Understanding this, Masta used white alu panels for the signboard on the facade. At the same time, the decorative details with funny images and the mica letters about the store's name and information have contributed to creating a new look for the signboard.

Thiết kế mặt tiền siêu thị Cathy Foods
Cathy Foods supermarket facade design

Posters used canvas prints, glass door stickers in the entrance and outdoor glass doors also contribute to the modern and professional image of the store.

- Design beloved cashier area

The cashier counter is arranged by Masta right near the main door to help staff cover the entire store, as well as facilitate the payment of customers. This cute shier counter is made from MDF covered with L-shaped Melamine to create a spacious space with 2 countertops.

Thiết kế quầy thu ngân đơn giản, tiện dụng
Simple and convenient cashier counter design

Behind the counter, the architect has designed pretty and lovely display shelves. They are made from melamine wood and designed in the style of the store's brand name.

Không gian nội thất khu vực quầy thu ngân
Interior space of cashier counter area

In front of the cashier counter, Masta cleverly arranged a packing counter made of melamine coated MDF combined with 2K painted MDF. The small table displaying the fruit basket above is made from 2K painted MDF combined with 20 * 20 powder coated iron legs.

- Design the product display area

The product display area of ​​the supermarket includes display shelves with many different shapes. With business products that are food, clean fruits and vegetables, the main material used for the display area is MDF covered with wood melamine combined with iron frame box 25 x 25 powder coated. Some special fruit shelves are designed with industrial pine wood, powder-coated iron frames and wheels for convenient movement.

Hệ thống kệ trưng bày sản phẩm của cửa hàng
System of display  shelves of the store

In addition to using display wall shelves ,the ones in the middle of the house, Masta's architects also arranged a show window shelf and some other wall shelves to make the space more spacious and display more products.

Bố trí và sắp xếp kệ trưng bày ngăn nắp, gọn gàng
Neat Arrangement of the display shelves 

The space inside the store is spaciously designed by Masta's architect along with the reasonable layout of the booths, creating favorable conditions for customers to choose freely. In addition, the variety of shapes and colors of the display shelves has also given the supermarket a unique feature that is both professional and beautiful.

Không gian nội thất của siêu thị thực phẩm
Interior space of a food supermarket

Above are pictures of the  Cathy Foods  supermarket design in Binh Duong made by Masta Interior. Call us to get advice on your business ideas. We will come down to the site to measure and plan the design that makes you most satisfied.

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