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Designing Sunny Spa - Nail Salon in Dong Thap

Designing Sunny Spa - Nail Salon in Dong Thap
Project Field: Phone - Computer
Project location: Đồng Tháp
Area: 226 m2

Being as one of the spa services that is gradually becoming popular, nail care - eyelash care is very popular among people because of its low cost but immediate effect. Capturing this taste of beauty, Mr.Phuc shared with Masta interior about his desire to expand his business by adding more services, in order to bring a variety of choices to customers when coming to the store. Let's explore the design of Sunny spa & nail salon with Masta!

Information about Sunny spa & nail salon design

  • Investor's name: Thien Phuc 
  • Category: Full shop 
  • Area: 226m2
  • Address: Dong Thap
  • Style: Elegant, modern.
  • The idea: simple lines, gentle waving curves, tones used, black, gray and white, black accents account for about 30%, gray tones for 20%, white tones for 40%, The remaining 10% of the materials complement the design, the simple color scheme in combination with the layout and the gentle tone makes it more sophisticated and professional, no less luxurious and sophisticated.
  • Time: July 2021

Key features of Sunny spa & nail salon design 

1. The facade of Sunny spa & nail salon

The facade of Sunny spa  is shaped by Masta Interior architects in a luxurious and prominent style. Toughened glass doors with powder-coated iron frames in the same color as marble wall tiles, bring elegance and impression to the shop. The stainless steel door rim painted with gold emulsion becomes a delicate highlight, creating harmony in the design of Sunny spa & nail salon.

Mặt tiền sang trọng trong thiết kế tiệm nail spa Sunny - Đồng Tháp
Luxury facade in Sunny spa nail salon design - Dong Thap

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The prominent signboard is supported by a CNC-cut iron frame, ensuring durability. In addition, the use of 2 mm thick white painted zinc poles also brings aesthetics to the signboard. To make these billboards more attractive, we also advise Mr. Phuc to use hiflex canvas. With the advantage of ensuring durability to outside weather conditions and vividness in colors, this type of painting is being used commonly in billboard designs.

“Gray” - one of the main colors in the design of Sunny spa & nail salon is also cleverly integrated by Masta in the alu table below. This choice also makes the mica gold stainless steel leg sets stand out more.

The curved borders design by mirror gold alu gives customers a feeling of sophistication and luxury. This is also evident from the black "SUNNY" mica lettering, white embossed legs with reverse lights and the unique circular logo design from CNC-cut alu combined with bright lights, mirror gold alu image. The highlight of this design is the logo of the shop made from high-quality alu material, painted with gold plated, combined with LED lights that go around the text border to create an impression of the brand and create a memory in the hearts of customers.

2. Ground floor of Sunny spa & nail salon

a. Nail space on the ground floor

Mặt bằng bố trí nội thất tầng trệt
Ground floor interior layout

Sunny nail & spa has the advantage of an area of ​​about 110m2 on one floor, so Masta interior has reasonably allocated space to ensure the needs of the salon and the aesthetic beauty of the salon. The salon is divided into areas with different service functions for customers to easily identify as well as convenient for employees to work such as nail area, reception and teaching room.

​Thiết kế sảnh tầng trệt nail spa Sunny
Design  ground floor lobby for Sunny nail & spa 

The ground floor is the place for reception, consulting services and for customers using nail services. The main color tone is white, giving a feeling of purity and cleanliness. Besides, this area is further accentuated by the walls painted in glossy black, curved and added with luxurious golden borders. Black and white are always contrasting tones, highlighting each other and creating strong visual effects. As can be seen, the ground floor in the design of Sunny spa & nail salon is extremely impressive and eye-catching.

Không gian nghỉ ngơi, thư giãn dành cho khách hàng
Relaxing space for customers

Soft simili felt fabric sofa with solid, durable natural wood frame with unique symmetrical design creates a new and attractive space for the space. The customer's first experience is very important, so a comfortable seat to choose beauty services helps Sunny nail & spa impressive.

Khu vực tiếp khách vô cùng ấn tượng
Impressive reception area

Decorative paintings and introduction of services are an integral part of the luxurious space of Sunny nail& spa. Paintings of different sizes printed from pipi material with impressive gilded MDF frames and backboards, decor decorate the ground floor.

Không gian làm nail ở tầng trệt
Nail space on the ground floor

The lovely nail salon with 10 chairs and 2 manicure tables can serve 10-15 customers at the same time. The chair set is designed in a special high-class set with easy-to-clean leather material and white and black tones according to the overall space of Sunny.

At this position, Masta interior also arranges impressive 2-side cosmetic cabinets with gold-plated stainless steel frames. 2K painted MDF wood and 8mm thick glass are sharpened to be safe for users. The drawers and opening doors are equipped with additional damping hinges for flexible use, minimizing the strong impact when opening and closing the cabinet door to help the product have higher durability. In addition, each cabinet is designed with LED lights to highlight the product.

The columns in the spa are covered with  wooden frames and used high-class imported water-coated mirrors to create an open space.

​Thiết kế khu làm nails
Design nail salon

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The reception is arranged at the innermost position of the salon so that the staff can cover the entire ground floor. Made from moisture-proof MDF with 2K paint and CNC, in the wood there is a drawer with all locks, ensuring employees during the checkout process.

The luxurious logo wall is made from 2K painted MDF, the border and the brand name are eye-catching and the gold-plated stainless steel material stands out, luxurious and enhances the meaning of the brand

b. Designing nail training classes

​Thiết kế lớp học làm nails
Designing a nail art class

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In addition to spa nail services, Sunny also receives training for students, so Masta Interiors has reserved a space for the classroom with a modern design suitable for the nail model.

To ensure the quality of teaching, we arrange study tables with moisture-proof MDF wood with 2K white paint, black powder-coated iron frame with pull-box rails at each table for convenience and certainty. The student locker system is modernly designed with separate compartments with locks, helping to ensure the privacy of each student while studying here.

Wall shelf with MDF wood frame moisture-proof painted 2K combined with pull-out glass with led lights to display and highlight nail polishes.

3. Sunny spa & nail salon on the 2nd floor

Mặt bằng bố trí tầng 2 của tiệm nail Sunny
The layout of the 2nd floor of Sunny spa & nail salon

The 2nd floor space is divided into 3 main areas with different functions including: Shampoo area, eyelash and skincare area and body massage area.

Không gian tầng 2 của tiệm nail Sunny
The 2nd floor space of Sunny nail salon

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a. Hair washing area

​Khu gội đầu tầng 2 tiệm nail spa Sunny
Shampoo area on the 2nd floor of Sunny spa nail salon

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Shampoo space with 5 separate, modern beds separated by soft chiffon curtains to ensure privacy, besides with soft leather material, and hot and cold water system to help customers relax, comfortable using services at Sunny.

Không gian gội sấy tại nail spa Sunny
Washing and drying space at nail spa Sunny

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The drying area is designed with large mirrors with a gold-plated stainless steel frame with a durable imported 5mm thick imported glass (mirror) with a MDF wood hanging table system covered with 2K black and white paint according to the overall design of the nail salon. . The large mirror makes it easy for customers to see and ask the staff to adjust the hairstyle to suit their wishes.

The ceiling and floor system is harmoniously combined with curves and recessed lights and recessed downlights to bring a warm space.

b. Eyelash and skincare area

This is a place to serve customers wishing to do services such as: eyelash extensions, eyelash curling, skin care, ... with easy-to-clean leather-covered spa beds and specialized accompanying chairs, suitable height to help Spa staff can manipulate easily.

Just the basic but subtle lines are enough to create attraction for this area. The walls are painted curvingly combined with the main color tones of the shop to create softness for the space. Masta architects also cleverly integrate the brand logo to create a memory with customers coming to beautify. . You can also combine with melodious music to bring a sense of relaxation and dispel fatigue for customers.

The 2K painted MDF shelves with gilded stainless steel frames are mounted directly on the wall to display samples of relaxing essential oils as well as other spa products.

Khu vực làm mi và chăm sóc da mặt của tiệm nail Sunny
The area for making eyelashes and facials of Sunny nail salon

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c. Body massage area

With the service characteristics that require privacy and confidentiality, the architects of Masta  have arranged the body massage area into a private room. The wall of this area is decorated with soles between MDF wooden frames covered with PVC plastic and LED lighting system and pictures printed with gold-plated stainless steel borders. 

Between the beds are separated by chiffon curtains to ensure the comfort of each customer when using the service. The harmonious combination of materials has brought a luxurious space but still close and friendly to customers.

Phòng massage body tiệm Sunny
Sunny salon body massage room
Khu massage body của tiệm nail Sunny
Sunny nail salon's body massage area

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Above is the sharing of designing  Sunny spa & nail salon made by Masta interior - specializing in designing and constructing professional reputable shop interior with more than 12 years of experience, ensuring customer satisfaction when using our services.

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