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Jim To Mom & baby shop design

Jim To Mom & baby shop design
Project Field: Fashion
Project location: Hà Nội
Area: 70 m2

We are pleased to bring mothers and children a very lovely space with a scientific and convenient interior layout. More importantly, the closeness to children is shown through the mixed colors in the design.

Jim To  Mom & baby shop with main colors ,pink and white is extremely lovely and close to babies and mothers. With a reasonably arranged interior, it brings a friendly and cute space for mothers and children to choose products.

Designing Jim To Mom & Baby Shop is one of the  projects that we feel very excited about.

Because we have the opportunity to bring a great space for the children - the future preschools of the country. That's what motivated us to design the perfect Jim To mom & baby shop.

Some images of Jim to  mother & baby shop 

Entering the shop, the first impression of mothers and children will be attracted  by the different colors - which is the thing that children are most receptive to.

We use pink and white as the main colors, which is very cute and lovely, creating a sense of excitement for children. Right near the door is an employee's counter printed with the shop's logo and slogan.

The color factor is our top priority. Besides the two main colors, other colors such as yellow, blue, red, etc… are also used to create diversity, wealthy and eye-catching.

Some images of Jim to  mother & baby shop

Some images of Jim to  mother & baby shop

Next is the layout, we put 6 wall shelves to store products divided equally between 2 sides. In addition to the main 5 floors, these shelves also have a "roof" that can be used to display products such as diapers at the top of the ceiling.

These shelves are placed close together to take advantage of each space as well as so that mothers and babies do not have to move too much when choosing products. The interior layout is arranged very scientifically, the areas also have a sign above it to make it easy to find different items.

Each shelf will have a different color corresponding to the color of different items. This is also a way to create a highlight for the shop as well as to create convenience for mothers and babies when buying products.

Some images of Jim to  mother & baby shop

Some images of Jim to  mother & baby shop

The space inside the shop is divided into two aisles, and in the middle are small shelves displaying products placed in horizontal rows perpendicular to the wall  shelves .

These shelves have a simple but also very cute design with the main color, pink,  that enhances those features.

Some pictures of the design of Mother and Baby Shop

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For the lighting system , we use a combination of spotlights, downlights with customer-friendly white light.

The lighting system here both makes it easier for customers to choose products and brings aesthetic value to the shop. Because the white light contributes to creating a bright, innocent look, the shop's style is close to children.

In general, the design of Jim To mother & baby shop has met the aesthetic requirements for a store with young customers.

We are happy that we were able to create a lovely, eye-catching and satisfying space.

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