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“The Gioi Alo" phone shop design

“The Gioi Alo
Project Field: Phone - Computer
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 40 m2

Upgrading the appearance, building a more modern and professional image is the desire of investors when looking to Masta Interior Company for advice and offering phone store design solutions. Let's refer to a space to see the impressive change!


Information about the project

+ Project name:  “the gioi alo “ phone shop

+ Investor's name: Tran Trung Kiet

+ Year of birth: 1977

+ Category: Full shop

+ Area: 40m2

Style: Modern and logical

+ Address:  Ward 11, District 10

+ Unit: Masta Interior Company

+ Implementation time: October 2022

Some key features in” the gioi alo “ phone shop Design
Current status of The phone shop before design

Hiện trạng mặt bằng trước khi thiết kế

Current status of phone shop before design

Khảo sát mặt bằng trước khi thiết kế

Current status of phone shop before design

Nội thất cửa tiệm trước khi thiết kế

Current status of phone shop before design

 Ideas – design style of the  phone shop

Through surveying as well as listening to Mr. Kiet's wishes, we consulted and selected the owner's shop setup in a modern style. The exterior facade of the architect designed a prominent and luxurious signboard with a bright white brand name font on a gray background, highlighting the brand name of the business shop.

Thiết kế cửa hàng điện thoại Thế Giới Alo

‘Thế Giới Alo’ phone shop Design by Masta Interior

The shop's signboard shows the full brand name and information of the shop introduced to customers. The main entrance door is made of tempered glass. Modern tempered glass material is always used in this kind of shop design. Because the transparent tempered glass material helps the natural light of the sun to easily shine into the shop, the product display space is always outstanding.

Không gian shop điện thoại

‘Thế Giới Alo’ phone shop Design by Masta Interior

Besides, helping customers stand from the outside will easily see inside the shop is a luxurious shopping space, the products are beautifully displayed to attract customers who want to step inside the shop to choose. buy products.

Impressive storefront Design

The facade is an extremely important factor when designing any project, including a phone shop. Because this is the place to get the first impression as well as attract customers.

Setup khu vực mặt tiền ấn tượng

‘Thế Giới Alo’ phone shop Design by Masta Interior

The signboard is designed from iron and alu frame combined with gray and white tones to highlight as well as create durability . Billboards showing full brand information such as: logo, salon services, address, contact phone number are all used mica characters.

In addition, the architect also added decorative picture boxes to create highlights as well as attract passersby.

‘Thế Giới Alo’ phone shop Design by Masta Interior

The overall layout of the shop's interior is also quite simple, but it meets the high functionality and aesthetics.

Nội thất thiết kế đơn giản, đảm bảo công năng

‘Thế Giới Alo’ phone shop Design by Masta Interior

Cashier counter area Design:

The melamine-coated MDF cashier counter area is located at the end of the store so that employees can easily observe the general view and deal with unexpected situations as quickly as possible. The logo wall behind the front desk is set up with a glowing mica box border, a set of glowing mica logos for consumers to easily identify the brand for the shop.

Khu vực quầy thu ngân

‘Thế Giới Alo’ phone shop Design by Masta Interior

Making full use of space, we have set up a display cabinet system close to the wall with melamine-coated MDF wood, increasing the display area, we also use a powder-coated iron grid frame. And use more Backlit prints to create a lively space for the phone shop design.

In the central area of ​​the shop, we have also set up a display cabinet for the shop's trending and best-selling products combined with a consulting desk to create convenience for employees as well as consumers to choose. most satisfactory products. 

Decor khu vực trưng bày sản phẩm mới nhất ở trung tâm shop

‘Thế Giới Alo’ phone shop Design by Masta Interior

In addition, Masta also decorates the installment consulting support desk area for customers so that they can grasp the information and procedures they need to complete the product purchase process as quickly as possible.

 Above are all images in the design project of ‘ the gioi alo’  phone shop for Mr. Kiet. Hope this information will help you to have more ideas for your shop. 

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact us immediately for advice.

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