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Design of Thien Tai’s Mobile phone shop in Hoc Mon, HCM

Design of Thien Tai’s Mobile phone shop in Hoc Mon, HCM
Project Field: Computer
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 27 m2
Thien Tai Mobile is a store system dealing in mobile devices and accessories with impressive designs and modern styles, suitable for all types of customers. Masta is honored to be trusted by Mr. Tai and chosen as a design partner of Thien Tai Mobile phone shop. Let's follow along

Information about the design of Thien Tai Mobile phone shop in Hoc Mon, HCM

  • Investor's name: Mr. TAI

  • Category: Full shop

  • Area: 27m2

  • Style: Modern, fresh style

  • Address: 6A Ward 6 Nguyen Van Bua, Xuan Thoi Thuong Commune, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Time: November 2021

​Hiện trạng cửa hàng điện thoại Thiện Tài Mobie
Current status before construction 

Ideas for Thien Tai Mobile  phone shop

The area of ​​the phone shop is quite small. The architect’s choosing glass doors is the best solution to make the space more airy and spacious. Glass is also a good point to attract customers with the product inside.

​Mặt bằng bố trí cửa hàng điện thoại Thiện Tài Mobile
Layout of Thien Tai  phone shop 

The architect will not use too many display cabinets for the space and use a good moisture-proof melamine wood system and protective glass doors as the main material for the entire interior of the store.

Details of Thien Tai Mobi phone shop in Hoc Mon, HCM city.

Possessing an area that is not too large, Masta's architects have chosen black and white as the main color for the store space. The two colors seem simple, but when combined with the design, they are extremely eye-catching and modern.

Thiết kế cửa hàng điện thoại Thiện Tài Mobile bằng gam màu trắng đen
Phone shop design by Masta interior 

Wall display cabinets

To create a wide aisle for customers to easily visit and choose products, Masta has arranged display cabinets close to the wall with different designs and sizes. This cabinet system is made of good moisture-proof melamine wood, with LED lights around the cabinet to help the products become shimmering and attractive. Some cabinets in this cabinet system are also designed with rails to hang hangers to display accessories such as cases, headphones, charging cords, ...

This is also the area for customers to try the product. The shop's outstanding phone models will be placed here so that customers can freely experience.

Bố trí hệ tủ trưng bày sát tường cho không gian cửa hàng
Phone shop design by Masta interior 

In this space, Masta also designed a TV cabinet at the request of the investor and a sofa set on the opposite side so that customers can sit and wait to relax without getting bored.

Sử dụng tranh in pipi để trang trí cho không gian cửa hàng
Phone shop design by Masta interior 

At the top of this cabinet system, Masta also uses non-luminous pipi prints to decorate the store space.

Product display cabinets

The highlight of the design space of Thien Tai Mobile phone shop is the product display cabinet on the inside of the shop. This standing cabinet is made from Melamine wood combined with 8mm tempered glass that is polished at the top and led string lights inside to help highlight the product. The front of the cabinet has a glowing apple mica logo that makes the display cabinets more eye-catching.

Thiết kế tủ đứng trưng bày sản phẩm
Phone shop design by Masta interior 


This display cabinet is designed by transparent tempered glass with a height of everyone's standing, so it both ensures product safety and helps customers still easily observe the products inside. This is also the technical support counter with white melamine wooden tables, drawers and LED lights to make the area more sparkling.

Mobile desks

In the back of this phone shop, Masta has a nice little desk for the shop owner. This table is made from melamine wood with drawers and drawers with a special design that has wheels at the bottom so it's easy to move.

Sắp xếp và bố trí bàn làm việc nhỏ xinh cho chủ tiệm
Phone shop Design by Masta Interior

The design of this Mobile phone shop is also decorated by a rather large signboard on the inside. This sign is made from a melamine wooden box combined with an iron frame, with the apple mica logo glowing face, the mica letters "THIEN TAI MOBILE" , "TAN TAM PHUC VU " glowing.

Không gian nội thất cửa hàng điện thoại
Phone Shop Design by Masta Interior

In addition, Thien Tai phone shop also uses black wooden boxes for decoration.
Above is the design of Thien Tai Mobile phone shop made by Masta Interior in Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City. Hopefully through the article, readers will have more ideas for their shop space. Please contact Masta immediately when you need advice.

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