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Pk mobile phones & accessories shop design

Pk mobile phones & accessories shop design
Project Field: Office
Project location: Tiền Giang
Area: 45 m2

Now ,Designing a phone shop is the need of many investors when planning to open a store. Therefore, Mr. Dung - the owner of PK  Phone shop in Tien Giang trusted and entrusted Masta furniture to find the most effective solutions. Take a look at our store samples below!



Information about the project: 

+ Project name: PK phone & accessories shop design

+ Investor's name: Nguyen Quoc Dung

+ Year of birth: 1985

+ Category: Full shop

+ Area: 45m2

Style: Modern & multifunctional 

+ Address: Tran Hung Dao, My Tho City, Tien Giang

+ Unit: Masta Interior Company

+ Implementation time: October 2022

Main features of PK phone & accessories shop.


Some pictures of the project before the design

Khu vực quầy thu ngân trước khi thiết kế

Pictures of the project before the design


Hiện trạng mặt bằng trước khi thiết kế

Pictures of the project before the design


Mặt bằng trước khi thiết kế

Pictures of the project before the design


ideas for this Shop design

With an area that is not too large, we choose an open design, limiting the division of space to help the store look more spacious. Using an effective solution to solve the problem of floor space and increase space. high aesthetics. Accessories stores often sell a variety of products. A messy, irregular arrangement will make customers confused and have trouble finding the products they need.

Thiết kế shop phụ kiện điện thoại Quốc Duy

PK phone & accessories shop design

Professional design architects create a unified interior space, helping investors more convenient in branding, expressing personal style. Scientific and convenient interior layout. The products in the accessory store can be classified by size, style and color. New, best-selling products and outstanding designs are lined up outside to attract customers' eyes. Reasonable product arrangement will enhance the aesthetic value of the store and attract customers to come back next time.

Kích thước nội thất phù hợp với diện tích tiệm

PK phone & accessories shop design

Setup cashier counter area

The cashier counter is one of the indispensable areas for phone accessory store design because it partly shows the professional work of the business model. Coming to the accessory world store, customers will feel the ingenuity and modernity in each design of this area.

Khu vực quầy thu ngân được thiết kế ấn tượng

PK phone & accessories shop design

Choosing melamine-coated MDF wood with white tones brings professionalism . Along with that, we take advantage of the area in front of the decor cabinets to add more drawers to display products.

Although it has a simple design, it brings harmony to the overall space. The location right next to the door makes it easy for staff to observe the overall store as well as convenient for consumers to pay.

Thiết kê đơn giản, đảm bảo công năng

PK phone & accessories shop design

In addition, in order to bring an impression and create a brand identity for customers, the architects also set up the logo wall of MDF covered with melamine, grooved rails along with a set of glowing mica letters.

Products displays/ racks/ cabinets / shelves in PK phone shop - Mr. Quoc Duy

The system of shelves is set up with a scientific layout and suitable furniture. The main display cabinets and consulting desks are located in the center, both to facilitate consultation as well as to create a clear passage for customers to have space to move and freely choose products.

Nội thất bố trí khoa học

PK phone & accessories shop design

Besides, we also decorate the wall-mounted accessory system to maximize the products on display so that buyers can freely choose the items they want.

Thiết kế shop phụ kiện điện thoại Quốc Duy

PK phone & accessories shop design

Above are some key features of Quoc Duy phone accessory shop design project, hopefully the above sharing of Masta furniture will help investors have more reference suggestions for their space. 

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