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The phone shop design - Mr. Son

The phone shop design - Mr. Son
Project Field: Computer
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 40 m2

Information about the project of Mr.Son's PHONE SHOP

  • Investor's name: Mr. Son
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 40m2
  • Style: Modern, youthful
  • Address: Hoang Van Thu street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District
  • Time: March 2022

Ideas for phone store design 

Based on the black, red and white logo color tone, the phone display areas in the shop look more  impressive and help customers easily distinguish each product. 

The project is located on Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, with an area of ​​​​40m2. The space is quite small, so it requires the architect to optimize every detail to provide a reasonable space

Description of the phone shop project

Interior space

In a modern, youthful style. Store space is open, layout wide aisles for customers. The areas are reasonably separated, suitable for the area

phone shop design


Based on the logo color tone, the architect uses white as the main tone to make the space look airy and clean, suitable for technology products, and black and red are emphasized reasonably and subtly.

phone shop design


Use natural light to make the space open. The downlight system provides brightness for the salon, highlighting the products

layout of a phone shop


Minimalist, modern design, using white - black tones to match the space. Trees are decorated both to filter the air and to help reduce the monotony of the space. Pictures are arranged reasonably to create accents for the interior.

phone shop design

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