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Mom & babies store - district 9 - Ho Chi Minh

Mom & babies store - district 9 - Ho Chi Minh
Project Field: mom and baby
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 65 m2

Design project of this kind of shop in District 9 - Ho Chi Minh City with a unique and professional idea. Surely mothers and babies will be attracted by this design.

Project information

  • Project: Mom & Babies store
  • Investor: Mr. Khoa
  • Area: 65m2
  • Address: 91 La Xuan Oai, District 9, HCMC

The investor wants to open a mom & babies shop in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. building the shop to be professional, unique and attract users, he came to Masta Interior. 

Then Our architects were quick to search for 3D store design ideas. After a week of working, the design of the milk diaper shop was completed. Mr. Khoa liked this idea very much, and sent compliments to the team of architects. Below are pictures as well as information of the store, please read for reference.

Highlights in the design of the mom and baby shop - mr. khoa ‘s owner.

Animals like bees are always something moms and babies like. This is also a very unique and novel idea when designing. to complete this store design, we used this idea to turn the stall like a beehive filled with diapers and milk for babies.


thiet-ke-cua hang-bim-sua-2

Mom & baby shop Design by Masta Interior 

Logo design with golden bees, yellow braille on light blue background. Mothers and children who want to buy goods will quickly be convinced with this logo. The store's interior space includes product display shelves (single shelves, shelves wall shelves), desks, lights, mini shelves hanging on the wall, ...


thiet-ke-cua hang-bim-sua-3

Mom & baby shop Design by Masta Interior 


We want this shop space to highlight the ideas of ​​a beehive. By focusing on images of textures, design the honeycomb with interconnected pentagons. Orange color makes the room more powerful and bright. mdf wood painted code 07 to a beautiful, sharp standard color.

The shop space is divided into two main areas. Store outside  and inside.

- Store fronts design


thiet-ke-cua hang-bim-sua-7

Mom & baby shop Design by Masta Interior 


The front of the store is designed with a sales cabinet, 3 separate shelves, a simple shelf, 3 cabinets close to the wall. All are MDF painted code N0.07. The logo shelf is neatly designed in the corner near the desk cabinet. The store space is very large with 3 separate cabinets and 3 shelves close to the wall. The owner’s shop can display a lot of products.


thiet-ke-cua hang-bim-sua-4

Mom & baby shop Design by Masta Interior 

- Design the inner space of mom & baby shop

thiet-ke-cua hang-bim-sua-5

Mom & baby shop Design by Masta Interior 

The space inside includes 3 wall-mounted cabinets and a separate shelf in the center. With a multi-storey design, the shop owner easily displays his dairy products. The single shelf in the middle takes advantage of the area but does not obstruct the customers.

thiet-ke-cua hang-bim-sua-6

Mom & baby shop Design by Masta Interior 

Above is the design project of Anh Khoa's Mom & Baby  shop by Masta Interior team. it’s a unique and professional impressive design. If you are in need of store design, shop design, do not forget to contact Masta. We will advise you for free the most beautiful and suitable store models.

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