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Babie Mart design - mom & baby shop

 Babie Mart design - mom & baby shop
Project Field: mom and baby
Project location: Hà Nội
Area: 50 m2

Information about the design project of a mother and baby shop Babie Mart

  • Investor: Ms. Ly
  • Address: Van Giang, Hung Yen
  • Area: 50m2
  • Main colors: White and pink

The layout and 3D design of Babie Mart

With the area of ​​​​50m2, not too large but just enough, Babie Mart's mother and baby shop is divided and arranged in a very scientific product display area.

Reasonable design brings comfort and convenience to customers when choosing products. Shop interior uses display shelves close to the wall and displays in the middle of the house.

The display shelf is made of modern painted MDF. With this material, cleaning the display shelf system will become very easy.

The racks on the main wall of the shop are made of powder-coated iron. The layout of the shelves is very neat with separate items to help customers easily find. This is the first advantage in the design of this Babie Mart .

thế kế shop mẹ bà bé
Mom & Baby shop design by Masta Interior 

It can be said that with the rectangular structure, to design the Babie Mart - Mo& Baby shop, we have optimized every space. From choosing the right size shelf to using the space in the middle to display.

About the colors and lighting system in the design of Babie Mart - a mom & baby shop

The colors of the shelf system at Babie Mart are all in the cute pink and white main tones, which are close as well as bring excitement to the babies/ kids.

The color mixing is also very scientific and eye-catching with a unique design, creating an extremely lively space.

With this project, we are taking the lead in designing a Mother and Baby shop. Because the  color is the most influential factor for young children.

On the shop walls  also decorated with a drawing of a castle that is very close to the children/ babies/ kids. All to create a friendly, lovely style of the shop.

Of course, the logo and the name of the shop are located on the right side from the front door.

thiết kế shop mẹ và bé
Mom & Baby shop design by Masta Interior 

thiết kế shop mẹ và bé

thiết kế shop mẹ và bé

The system of spotlights, downlights with white light bring brightness to the interior space and highlight the dominant pink color.

We have carefully researched the lighting element to suit the style and interior layout in the design project of Babie Mart  - a Mom & Baby shop.

Outside are two small corners displaying products for pregnant women and young children, both optimizing the space used but still very delicate.

When the area is not much, but the shop can still display products with a variety of designs as well as different designs.

thiết kế shop mẹ và bé

Above is information about our Babie Mart - a mom and baby shop design  by Masta Interior.

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