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Quynh Baby & mom shop in Binh Thanh ,ho chi Minh city

Quynh Baby & mom shop in Binh Thanh ,ho chi Minh city
Project Field: Fashion
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 65 m2
Accessories: Mika,Inox,MDF wood

Products that serve mothers and babies are increasingly important and are receiving great attention. Therefore, Ms. Chi has invested in designing Quynh Baby's mother and baby shop with an area of ​​65m2 in Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City. 

Let's consider  the design plan below of Masta interior!


Information about the design.

  • Investor's name: HUYNH THI KIM CHI
  • Year of birth: 1995
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 65m2
  • Style: Modern,fresh
  • Address: No Trang Long, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh City
  • Implementation time: January 2022

Thiết kế shop mẹ bé Quỳnh Baby tại Bình Thạnh
Design shop Quynh Baby  in Binh Thanh

Ideas for design the shop

Ms. Chi - the owner of the store wanted to design a space that could display many products in order to create convenience for customers when visiting and shopping at the store. The subjestc that the store wants to target are children, pregnant mothers and nursing mothers, so she wants to make a design on how to attract the attention of this potential customer file.

Hiện trạng cửa hàng mẹ bé Quỳnh Baby trước khi thi công
Status of  the shop before construction

Understanding the owner’s aim, Masta's architect designed this diaper shop to be simple, neat and emphasize color. The design is quite neat and concealed, the architect emphasizes a lot of colors, chooses a bright color, and combines outstanding colors such as white, natural wood color...the round podium shape will easily attract the attention of visitors, attention from younger children. Taking advantage of the walls on both sides to display products, the rest of the space is quite cool and comfortable, mothers as well as children can easily move to choose favorite products.

Mặt bằng bố trí nội thất cửa hàng mẹ bé Quỳnh Baby
 The  layout of the shop

Design in details

- Design a beautiful signboard for the front

The shop's exterior side was designed by Masta's architect with a blue signboard bearing the brand's name, creating a striking feeling for customers at first sight. The selection of blue and white colors combined with black letters for decoration has impressed and attracted many parents and children.

Thiết kế mặt tiền cửa hàng bỉm sữa Quỳnh Baby
Front design of Quynh Baby shop

The storefront design with a blue signboard with black letters is both simple and beautiful. Signboards are made from alu frames with decals and decorative letters:

  • Set of glowing mica logos.
  • The mica lettering set "QUYNH BABY" glows on the face.
  • Set of flat mica letters "SPECIALIZED: NEWBORN - MOTHER AND BABY ".
  • Set of flat mica letters ..." and "Address + Hotline".

Thiết kế biển hiệu cho cửa hàng mẹ bé Quỳnh Baby
Design a signboard for Quynh Baby shop

In addition, the shop front also equipped with a modern DOWNLIGHT electric light system for lighting. Therefore, the store becomes very prominent and has great attraction for passersby.

- Unique cashier counter design

The cashier counter is located at the door, so that the store staff can advise and support customers from the moment they step in and they  can cover the entire store. This scientific arrangement contributes to the professionalism and prestige of the store. The counter is made entirely of melamine-coated MDF with many uses. On the outside of the counter, the architect has designed batches to display products. In addition, the cashier counter is also designed with a reasonable height to help customers and employees easily receive items when paying.

Thiết kế quầy thu ngân cho cửa hàng mẹ bé Quỳnh Baby
Design the cashier counter for Quynh Baby shop

The wall behind the cashier counter is attached  with the store logo to create more impressive and memorable points in the hearts of customers. This logo set is made from non-luminous decal mica combined with non-luminous mica + decal sticker "QUYNH BABY" and flat mica lettering "tron vẹn…. Mother's Love" which is extremely cute and funny.

Thiết kế vách logo phía sau quầy thu ngân
Design the logo wall behind the cashier counter

- Interior design for the store display

The product display cabinet system of the  store is designed with many floors, many cells to be able to display many and diverse types of products. In particular, the shelves are designed with many different designs and sizes to be able to match the many products that the store is trading. Moreover, the display shelves are arranged scientifically and neatly to help the space become more airy.

Hệ thống nội thất trưng bày trong cửa hàng mẹ bé Quỳnh Baby
Interior display system in the shop

In order to save space for the store, Masta's architects cleverly designed shelves close to the wall to bring spaciousness to the overall.  In particular, this display cabinet system also uses MDF wood with melamine coating, which is very resistant to warping, termites, but the price is very affordable.

Kệ trưng bày sát tường được bố trí khéo léo, hợp lý
Display wall shelves are cleverly and logically arranged

The most impressive highlight in the design of this Quynh Baby shop is the round display stand and the display shelf system in the middle. The selected round display stand is made from brown and white melamine-coated MDF, which brings uniqueness to the design. The display cabinet in the middle is made of melamine-coated MDF combined with 2K painted MDF and powder-coated iron frame.

Hệ thống kệ, bục trưng bày giữa nhà của cửa hàng
The system of display shelves in the middle of the shop

To complete the interior space of the shop, Masta cleverly designed a very simple but effective stair covering system. This cover is made of melamine coated MDF wood combined with 2K painted MDF.

Thiết kế vách che cầu thang cho cửa hàng mẹ bé
Design stairs cover for the shop

Downlights and spotlights are installed on the ceiling as the main lighting system for the shop space. This lighting system not only brings a beautiful, stable and harmonious light source, but also makes the shop space lively and modern.

Hệ thống đèn chiếu sáng trong shop
Lighting system in the shop

Above are all the shares about the design of Quynh baby shop in Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City by Masta interior.

 If you are preparing to open a baby diaper shop or mother, please contact Masta immediately so that you can own a beautiful design and optimize functionality and cost.

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