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An An juice store design - in Quang Binh province

An An juice store design - in Quang Binh province
Project Field: Food
Project location: Quảng Bình
Area: 45 m2

Today, there are many fruit juice shops founded to bring convenience and availability to customers in a busy life with work. Below is the design of a fruit juice shop made by Masta interior, please refer to it.

Information about the design of AN AN fruit juice shop in Quang Binh

  • Investor's name: THUY DUNG - Year of birth: 1981
  • Category: Full interior shop
  • Area: 45m2
  • Modern style
  • Address: 370 Tran Hung Dao, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh
  • Time: October 2021

​Mặt bằng thiết kế shop nước ép hoa quả 45m2
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

Ideas of AN AN fruit juice shop Design  in Quang Binh Province


Video of construction of An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

The actual survey showed that there was a furniture business here before, which is different from the current desire to invest in a fruit juice shop. Therefore, Masta's architects cannot take advantage of any existing furniture, but must design and construct 100% new.

Hiện trạng shop nước ép trái cấy trước khi được Masta thiết kế và thi công
Current status before construction 

After carefully discussing with Mrs. Dung - the investor, the architect used light brown color as the main color to bring a rustic, simple, close, rural feeling. At the same time, the store is designed in a modern style with simple and idyllic interior details.

Thiết kế nội thất shop nước ép trái cây AN
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

Details of  An AN 45m2 fruit juice shop design in Quang Binh Province

Facade design for AN An fruits shop 

The facade is an area of ​​concern when designing any stores. Because this is the first place customers come into contact with before visiting and choosing products. Therefore, it is necessary to design an impressive facade to attract the attention of passersby.

Mặt tiền shop trái cây AN Delicious fruits
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

The facade of An AN fruit juice shop is clearly designed with blue, orange and white tones. The most prominent is the shop's signboard with an external alu-coated iron frame design. At the same time, the signboard has specific information about the store, including:

  • The shop logo set does not glow.
  • The set of brand letters "AN" has a mica face with LED lights on the legs.
  • Set of letters "Delicious fruits" in blue, with glowing lines.
  • Set of letters "Nuoc ep trai cay, sinh to, trai cay dam, trai cay Viet Nam theo mua " with orange mica-faced fomex legs.
  • Set of address + hotline letters with orange mica face fomex pins.

In addition, in this area, the architect has arranged more downlights and spotlights to make the fruit shop stand out at night.

Design the bar area to prepare drinks

The dispensing and cashier counters are designed quite large, making it easy for customers to choose their favorite drinks easily and quickly. The bar is designed by Masta with moisture-resistant green MDF laminated with the following details:

  • Plastic rattan mesh paneling in the front.
  • Decorated with led lights to illuminate the feet.
  • Countertops are made from imitation marble.
  • There are drawers and zippers to keep your belongings safe.

Hình ảnh chi tiết quầy pha chế đồ uống cho cửa hàng
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

Behind the bar is a cabinet system used in the bar for preparing drinks including: 

  • The non-luminous Poster box is made of moisture-proof green mdf wood, laminated with laminated wood, combined with decorative pp prints at the top to help customers easily visualize the outstanding drinks of the store.
  • wine display cabinets  on the upper (4580*350*1140) includes a wooden cabinet for mixing utensils and a tempered glass cabinet for cups and glasses. The cabinet is decorated with LED border lights in each batch.
  • The lower cabinet system (4580 * 550 * 850) is also made mainly from moisture-resistant green mdf laminated with laminate and gray marble. The right corner has a 2-drawer washbasin and a very convenient drain filter.

 Thiết kế hệ tủ bar phục vụ cho việc pha chế đồ uống
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

In addition, the design of An  AN fruit juice shop also uses lanterns above the ceiling to bring simplicity and rusticity to the shop space.

Design the waiting area

The waiting area of ​​the fruit juice shop is designed quite simply with a long bench and a nice small coffee table.

Hình ảnh ghế chờ băng dài và bàn cafe nhỏ xinh
Design the waiting area by Masta Interior 

The waiting chair is made from a 17mm brown melamine wood frame, with a trellis mesh to create a backrest and an extremely soft felt upholstered seat. The coffee table is made from moisture-resistant green reinforced mdf wood with stone grain laminates combined with powder-coated iron legs.

Thiết kế khu vực ngồi chờ cho shop nước ép trái cây
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

- Design of fruit display area for AN AN store

The display space of fruits and boxes of dried products is arranged and arranged very scientifically, according to a unified layout. The most prominent in the exhibition space is the wall shelf system designed according to the "F", "R", "U", "I", "T", "S" frame, which is very unique and eye-catching. This shelf system is made from moisture-resistant green mdf laminated with laminate.

Thiết kế kệ treo tường độc đáo, khoa học
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

Below this system of lettering shelves is a fruit shelf made of rubber wood boxes that combine bars to create a box combined with an iron frame with a powder-coated box of 15x30. This shelf has 2 floors for storing fruits and placed close to the wall to help keep the store space from being cramped . The shelf is designed with spaces to help the fruit keep its freshness and preserve it longer. On the 2 sides of this shelf, there are 2 display cabinets close to the wall (no back) made from moisture-resistant green MDF laminated with lamilate. Below the cabinet, there is a set of doors designed in the form of a lattice of plastic rattan and damping hinges.

Thiết kế kệ hoa quả và kệ trưng bày sát tường
An An Fruit Juice store Design by Masta Interior 

Above, are pictures and details of AN AN fruit juice shop Design in Quang Binh Province by Masta Interior. If you are in need of designing a fruit juice shop or a restaurant like that, please contact Masta immediately for advice on the most reasonable design plan.

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