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Cherry beauty spa design - in Can Tho

Cherry beauty spa design - in Can Tho
Project Field: Office
Project location: Hà Nội
Area: 200 m2

Spa is a special type of business, specializing in beauty, therapy and health care to help both the body and mind of the users relax. Therefore, investing in a beautiful and luxurious spa design to meet the needs of customers is very necessary.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 1

Today, Masta Interior would like to introduce to you a very impressive spa design that we have just designed. Let's admire the excellent images of this spa design project with Masta.

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  • Project name: Cherry Beauty spa 
  • Investor: Tran My Trang
  • Address: 212 A2 Street, Hung Phu 1 Residential Area, Hung Phu Ward, Cai Rang District, City. Can Tho
  • Area: 150m2
  • Category: Signboard design and full interior 
  • Design style: Modern, luxurious and gentle


thiet ke spa cherry beauty 3

The scale of operation and the level of the spa has been shown quite clearly in the space through the design and layout of this spa. Spa construction not only has a great impact on the brand's face, but it also shows the quality of the spa's services, so we have paid great attention to the design to every detail of decoration as well as interior selection. to bring a beautiful spa design. Besides, an impressive spa design in addition to attracting the attention of customers, it also greatly affects the user experience.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 4

Although Cherry Beauty spa has a fairly large construction area, our architect still chose porcelain white to design the space. This is a color that is considered very elegant, creating modern spaces, but also very easy to coordinate with other colors.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 5

In the design of the signboard outside the spa's facade, we followed the original layout, so we chose a large sign with a white background. To make the sign more prominent and attractive, the angular borders or the lettering and logos are painted in sparkling gold. This typeface is made of luminous mica with formex legs creating a very impressive spa sign design. In addition, an electronic board with running letters is mounted just below the foot of the large sign to attract customers very well.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 6

Entering  inside, you will be exposed to the first reception area. Here, we have arranged a stone reception desk located at the end of the room. Next to the counter is dedicated a small corner to worship the god of fortune to pray for luck and fortune to the store.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 7

The wall behind the reception is made of white marble with the brand logo in glowing mica above. In addition, this wall is also decorated with ornamental plants to create a very effective freshness that any customer who comes here can feel.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 8

Along the two sides of the wall are each set of tea tables with separate single chairs to provide seating for guests to sit and wait in order not to let customers feel uncomfortable because of foot fatigue. In addition, this area is also the place where the reception of the salon welcomes guests and advises customers to choose which spa package is suitable for their needs as well as their budget. A little pink from lotus petals or a bit of green leaves will help balance the space very well.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 9

In order not to leave the walls above these seating areas bare, we have installed a few stainless steel shelves to display the aromas and essential oils used in the spa massage. Displaying essential oil bottles in this area will help customers easily observe and know how the staff will use the oil with ingredients on their sensitive skin. From there, they will feel more secure and trust the store more.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 10

In addition, if there is only one layout, it will invisibly create a feeling of being cramped and cramped with a series of products in front of you. Therefore, Masta's architect used a few more beautiful paintings to increase the aesthetics of this spa design. In addition, pictures with therapeutic pictures or treatments will help customers more comfortable when starting their massage process.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 11

The massage service area inside is designed quite simply with the beds placed in the middle. Thin and light chiffon curtains are placed between the beds to create better privacy for customers while using the service.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 12
thiet ke spa cherry beauty 13

Although the spa salon Cherry Beauty has its own small room just to store massage tools and towels. However, in the massage service rooms, small standing cabinets with drawers are still installed to store towels and other necessary items for the treatment process to be more convenient and easier. In addition, some pictures of people undergoing massage are attached to the wall in the treatment area to help customers feel more comfortable and relaxed.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 14

In addition, Ms. Trang is a rather psychological owner who cares about her employees, so she asked the architect of Masta Interior to design an additional dining room in this spa interior design project. The creation of an additional dining room reduces the area of ​​the service room, but she wants to create a comfortable lunch and dining space for her employees so that afternoon work can be highly effective.

thiet ke spa cherry beauty 15
thiet ke spa cherry beauty 16
thiet ke spa cherry beauty 17
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Above are pictures of the Cherry Beauty spa design project. If you are also looking for a professional spa design unit, please contact Masta right away. We will work with you to create impressive business spaces.

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