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Interior design of 45m2- apartment in modern and luxurious style

Interior design of 45m2-  apartment in modern and luxurious style
Project Field: Office
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 45 m2

In recent years, the attraction of modern and luxurious apartment designs is being favored . Masta  Interior  would like to mention a  project of interior design of  an apartment in an extremely enchanting modern style.

Information about this interior design 

  • Investor's name: Mr.  DO
  • Category: Full interior
  • Area: 45m2
  • Style: Modern, convenient. 
  • Address:  Nguyen Van Luong, Ward 12, District 6, City. Ho Chi Minh
  •  Time : November 2021

Mặt bằng bố trí nội thất chung cư 45m2 của anh Độ
Interior layout of  the apartment

Interior design ideas for 45m2- apartment in modern and luxurious style

Through the actual survey and consultation with the owner,  the owner  wants to have a luxurious, sophisticated and warm living space. Understanding that desire, Masta's architect designed the interior of the apartment with a modern style and put on a completely new pure white outfit.

Hình ảnh hiện trạng nội thất chung cư 45m2 của anh Độ
Pictures of the current state of the apartment before construction

Not only that, the entire interior of the apartment must also ensure the level of investment that the customer offers, while still ensuring the functional needs of use.

Details of interior design

Explore interior design a modern living room

The interior design of the living room for Mr. Do's apartment has a strong attraction because of the harmonious combination of white, gray, brown and dark blue neutral colors… These soft colors also harmonize with white. of the room paint color.

Nội thất phòng khách của chung cư 45m2
Interior of the living room in the apartment 

The grey sofa set with high quality felt/simili mattress and natural wood frame combined with a round coffee table with rattan stone top and yellow powder-coated iron frame has created a luxurious beauty for the living room. The selected sofa set has a sufficient size, creating a spacious area for the whole family to live. The TV shelf is placed close to the wall and arranged in a place opposite the sofa, creating a comfortable and neat feeling for the room.

Không gian thoáng đãng, trong lành của phòng khách
The fresh  space of the living room

Grey short fiber floor mats along with dark blue double-layer curtains are also powerful weapons to enhance the beauty of the reception space.

- Design the kitchen area

In addition to taking advantage of the available kitchen cabinet system of the apartment, Masta's architect arranged and designed for his room a dining table and a decorative cabinet next to it. The kitchen space is located right outside, near the door of the apartment. For apartments with not too large space, the design of the kitchen attached to the living room is inevitable, but it will bring convenience for everyone during use and movement. At the same time, this is also the optimal solution for expanding the space and eliminating the cramped and secretiveness of the apartment.

Thiết kế khu vực phòng bếp
Design the kitchen area

With a total room area of ​​45m2 - quite small, Masta's  designer  has chosen a 4-seater dining table with comfortable, comfortable fabric upholstery with clean neutral colors. Accompanied by a dining table made of rattan stone surface material combined with powder-coated iron legs. The color of the dining table is in harmony with the tone with the wooden floor to create a comfortable and cozy feeling for the family dining space.

Design the kitchen area

Next to the dining table, the architect took advantage of a small area to place a decorative melamine-coated MDF cabinet combined with 2K blue painted MDF, 5mm glass doors and led lights each time.

Thiết kế bàn ăn sang trọng, lịch sự
Elegant dining table design

In addition, near the entrance, we also arrange a very nice shoe cabinet for family members. The shoe cabinet is designed from melamine-coated MDF wood (Wood code: 426MM) combined with 2K blue painted MDF.

Bố trí tủ để giày vô cùng xinh xắn
shoe cabinet layout


- Bedroom design

The bedroom for  the apartment is designed based on a modern style. The entire bedroom space is designed according to the rule of uniformity with white and gray as the main color. The luxurious interior details all have a harmonious connection without causing a feeling of boredom. The bedroom space also becomes more airy and spacious when there is a window to welcome natural light to brighten up the life.

Thiết kế phòng ngủ theo phong cách hiện đại, sang trọng
bedroom design

The bed selected is  one with drawers under the bed and is made from melamine coated MDF combined with 2K blue painted MDF and has led lights on the headboard. The bed window curtain is a single layer roman curtain that is enough to block light when it's hot in the sun.

Bedroom design

Next to the bed is a small desk made from high-quality MDF material of international standards. The shelf above the desk and the document drawer next to it are also made from melamine-coated MDF. The office chair is a swivel chair with a mesh back suitable for people who sit and work with computers a lot.

Bố trí bàn làm việc cho phòng ngủ
Arrange a desk in  the bedroom

A small space next to the bedroom is used by Masta to arrange a bookcase and a wardrobe for the owner. Both cabinets are made of MDF with melamine finish. The bookcase is combined with an extremely luxurious 5mm glass mirror.

Bố trí thiết kế tủ sách và tủ quần áo cho căn phòng
Design layout of bookcases and wardrobes for the room

- Design the toilet for the small apartment 

The toilet of this apartment is designed according to the available common mold. Therefore, to increase the elegance, the architect designed the area of ​​a lavabo cabinet with a barrel and wing made from PVC.
In addition, Masta also arranged a rattan chair in the balcony area
With the interior design of the 45m2 apartment in a modern and luxurious style that Masta Furniture has just shared above, we hope to arouse the inspiration of our readers. If you have a need for interior design of houses and apartments, please contact us immediately for free support.

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