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Designing residential housing- mr. Hoa - Soc Trang Province

Designing residential housing- mr. Hoa -  Soc Trang Province
Project Field: Office
Project location: Sóc Trăng
Area: 400 m2

Today, when life has become prosperous, People always wish to build a  house. Understanding this, Masta Interior  has put all its heart into the design of  residential housing for mr. Hoa in  Soc Trang.

Basic information of the design

  • Investor's name: Thai Vinh Hoa 
  • Year of birth: 1969
  • Category: Full  shop
  • Area: 400m2
  • Style: Luxury - Modern, luxurious
  • Address: No. 115-117-119 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 6, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province
  • Time: July 2021

Style and design ideas for Mr. Hoa's house

Hiện trạng nhà ở của chú Hòa

Hoa's housing situation

After surveying based on the available design of Uncle Hoa's house with a total area of ​​400m2, Masta  Interior  has agreed with the owner that he will design the interior of the house in a luxury style. Accordingly, Masta came up with the idea of ​​​​using the main color tones of white, gray and gray, black to express the luxurious and modern beauty of the luxury style.

Realizing the ideas of ​​.Hoa's house

Owning a spacious area is an advantage for dividing the space used for each area in the house. The architects of Masta have agreed with the owner on the layout of the house's design space as follows:

  • The first floor : is the area for gold shop business, dining room + kitchen, and family room.
  • The 2nd and 3rd floors : are separate living areas for each member of  his family, including bedrooms, working and bathrooms.

- The gold shop business area

Vinh Hoa gold shop is designed in a luxury style with the main colors being white, gray and black. Interior decoration for gold shop includes:

  • Jewelry display cabinet, jewelry is made from high quality An Cuong wooden frame combined with tempered glass.
  • The logo wall with the words "VINH HOA + LUXURY" is made of luminous gold-plated stainless steel

Thiết kế tiệm vàng Vĩnh Hòa
Design of Vinh Hoa gold shop

- The Living  room and corridor

The living room is designed with the purpose of relaxing and entertaining the whole family after a tiring working day. Understanding this, Masta's architects have carefully designed and arranged the interior for this area.

We reserve a space as an ancestor worship place for the owner. The ancestral altar chosen by Mr.Hoa is the type made from a Russian oak frame - green core MDF pattern.

The main space of the common room is the place where the gold-plated stainless steel framed tea table is combined with a wooden sofa with a natural wooden frame, electrostatic sprayed iron legs, white felt/simili cushions. With these luxurious modern interior designs will create a feeling, comfortable, close and ease for all family members.

In addition, to be able to add a luxurious and modern beauty to the room, the architect has decorated a set of TV walls and sofa walls made from MDF with melamine An Cuong anti-moisture.

Thiết kế phòng sinh hoạt chung
Design a common room / large living room for the family

MDF with melamine An Cuong resistant to moisture is also cleverly applied in the design of the bag and shoe cabinet, helping to keep the living room elegant and luxurious. This cabinet is also attached by 5mm thick tempered glass, gold-plated stainless steel braces and decorated with led lights at the edge of each cabinet.

Outside the hallway, there is a nice little shoe cabinet

- Dining room + stairs 

The kitchen is considered the place to keep the fire for Mr.Hoa's family. Therefore, when designing the interior of the kitchen, we want each family member to feel the connection in this space.

An Cuong moisture-resistant melamine-coated MDF wood is flexibly applied by Masta architects in interior designs such as tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, wine cabinets, and bars. The high-quality white stone surface with rattan pattern on the kitchen table helps to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the kitchen.

A beautiful and simple nine-seat dining table set is guaranteed to bring cohesion to family members in family meals.

Thiết kế phòng ăn và nhà bếp
Design of the dining room and kitchen

A spiral staircase arranged right outside will connect the space between the floors. The design of this staircase is also extremely sophisticated with the main material being gold-plated stainless steel combined with a system of led lights under the feet and spotlights on the wall that will create luxury for the house.

- The Laundry room and shared bathroom

The laundry room is designed quite simply with the following furniture

  • Wall-mounted cabinet made from MDF with melamine An Cuong anti-moisture
  • The hanger shelf is made from a powder-coated iron frame, stainless steel hanging bar and lifting rail.

The shared bathroom is designed with two main pieces of furniture, a storage cabinet and a hand washing cabinet. These two types of cabinets are made from the main material of MDF with An Cuong melamine coating to resist moisture. Particularly, the storage wall cabinet has an additional 5mm imported tempered glass door with chamfered edges. And the hand washing cabinet with rattan stone tiles on the surface looks extremely luxurious and noble.

Không gian phòng giặt đồ của gia đình chú Hòa
The space of the laundry room of Mr. Hoa's family

- The bedroom of each member of  his family

Bedroom 1

With the idea of ​​​​designing a house in a luxury style, most of the selected furniture is made of MDF covered with An Cuong melamine to resist moisture.

Mặt bằng phòng ngủ Huy Trang
Layout of  bedroom

A toilet and a small kitchen for two brothers and sisters are simply designed when combining MDF materials covered with An Cuong melamine and rattan stone surface.

Nội thất nhà vệ sinh trong phòng ngủ Huy Trang
Bathroom interior in the bedroom

Bedroom 1 is handled by Masta with a smart design space. Including a bed with drawers, bedside cabinets, decorative walls, headboard walls, ... Beside the bed, there is a beautiful small dressing table for  little girl

Nội thất phòng ngủ Huy Trang
Boy's bedroom furniture

The wardrobe is designed quite subtly by the architect by An Cuong moisture-resistant MDF wood painted in 2K black combined with powder-coated aluminum glass wings and 5mm tempered glass made in Vietnam.

Thiết kế tủ quần áo ấn tượng, đẹp mắt
Impressive and beautiful wardrobe design

Besides, the architect also dedicated a working space for Mr. Huy. Behind the desk is a large bookcase that is quite delicately designed

Không gian làm việc và ban công
The Working space and balcony

This room is located in the front facing position, so the balcony is also designed by Masta's architects.

Bedroom 2

Mặt bằng phòng ngủ Thái Anh
bedroom layout

Once again, high-grade An Cuong melamine-coated MDF was selected for the interior of this bedroom space. From the bed, the headboard, the decoration to the dressing table, the desk, the bookcase, the wardrobe, the TV shelf are all made from the main material is MDF with melamine An Cuong anti-moisture.

Nội thất phòng ngủ Thái Anh
bedroom furniture

The bathroom is a place for customers to relax and unwind. Therefore, Masta brings high-class An Cuong wooden interior architecture and high-class sanitary ware to make the bathroom more classy, ​​luxurious and look more spacious.

Nội thất phòng tắm Thái Anh
bathroom furniture

Bedroom 3

Designed simply but still exudes a luxurious and modern beauty with a reasonable and reasonable interior layout.

Mặt bằng phòng ngủ bé Vĩnh Huy
bedroom layout 

This bedroom features furniture made from high-grade An Cuong MDF wood painted with 2K moisture-proof paint: bed, decorative wall, wardrobe, study table, bookcase. Particularly, the headboard is decorated with a neon sign "Vinh Hung". The wardrobe has additional materials of powder coated aluminum glass wings, 5mm tempered glass made in Vietnam, and stainless steel rods to hang clothes.

Nội thất phòng ngủ bé Vĩnh Huy
bedroom furniture

Bedroom 4

Harmonious design meets luxury style standards with luxurious and modern furniture

  • The bed is made from a natural wooden frame, with fabric upholstery around the bed.
  • The headboard is made of MDF.
  • The bedside table is made from An Cuong MDF with moisture-proof paint 2K
  • Dressing table made of MDF An Cuong painted 2K with drawer rails and gold-plated stainless steel handles. On the table, there is a 5mm glass mirror and gold-plated stainless steel decoration combined with led string lights with mirror border
  • Don sits pretty at the dressing table
  • TV cabinet: MDF with melamine An Cuong anti-moisture
  • The wardrobe is also made from high-quality An Cuong wood combined with 5mm Vietnamese-made powder coated aluminum glass doors and stainless steel bars for hanging clothes.

Nội thất phòng ngủ của chú Hòa
bedroom furniture

 The owner's bedroom also designed an additional closed toilet to create a private and comfortable space. High-end sanitary ware creates class and luxury for this bathroom space.

Nội thất phòng tắm của chú Hòa
bathroom interior

Above is all the information and pictures of the civil house design for Mr. Hoa in Soc Trang. Please trust and cooperate with Masta to create a home for your family together!

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