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Design of Saigon Shoes store in Tan Binh district, HCM

Design of Saigon Shoes store in Tan Binh district, HCM
Project Field: Fashion
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 79 m2

Shoes are currently one of the hot and popular fashion items for consumers, especially young people. Tan Phat Leather Shoes Co., Ltd is a system specializing in providing high-class footwear models and is also a loyal customer of Masta. We are very pleased to be the partner to design  Saigon Shoes store in Tan Binh district, HCM for Mr. Thanh.

Information about Saigon Shoes  store Design

  • Investor's name: Mr. Thanh - Representative of Tan Phat Leather Shoes Co., Ltd
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 79m2
  • Style: Modern, multi-functional.
  •  Address: 332 Ma Lo, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Time : November 2021

Saigon Shoes shop design ideas

Hiện trạng cửa hàng trước khi thiết kế và thi công
Current status of the store before construction

After surveying and discussing directly with the investor, Architect in Masta has agreed to choose white, dark blue and wood grain colors to design a shoe store for Mr. Ha Thanh. Besides, the architect also emphasized that the lines used for the shop space are simple geometric blocks, combining the gentle tones of the wood grain to make the space more luxurious and sophisticated.

Mặt bằng thiết kế shop giày dép Saigon Shoes
Layout of Saigon Shoes store

Details of Saigon Shoes store design 

- Simple but elegant facade design

The exterior space of the shop is beautifully designed and stands out with white, blue, black and wood grain tones. Masta Interior choses a dark blue font for the store's brand name. At the same time, choosing a white background for the horizontal sign and a wooden color for the vertical sign highlighted the store's brand name.

Thiết kế mặt tiền cửa hàng giày dép Saigon Shoes
Saigon Shoes store Design by Masta Interior

The shop's standing sign shows all the information that the shop wants to introduce to customers. Set of logos and letters of company name "TAN PHAT SHOES CO., LTD", brand name "SAIGON SHOES". All addresses are made from flat mica material on the wall paneling.

And the horizontal signboard is the word alu combined with the border brace, the mica word is extremely clever. The roof is currently arranged with a 24W downlight to help create a prominent highlight for the shop's sign.

​Thiết kế biển hiệu cho cửa hàng giày dép Saigon Shoes
Saigon Shoes store Design by Masta Interior

In this facade area, Masta also uses a sliding door system made of 8mm - tempered glass material combined with an aluminum frame to make the store's doors. Modern tempered glass material with transparent transparency makes it easy for the space inside the shop to receive natural light from outside, while highlighting the display space inside.

- Attractive and eye-catching design of cashier counter area

The cashier counter is an indispensable area for every store. Because this is the place of payment, revenue and expenditure management and security control of the shop. In this area, Masta has used a dedicated cashier table with a white tone combined with brown wood and a high-quality leather swivel chair that has brought a delicate and extremely luxurious beauty to the store.

Thiết kế khu vực quầy thu ngân hấp dẫn, cuốn hút
Saigon Shoes store Design by Masta Interior

Behind the cashier counter is a set of logo walls made from melamine wood material combined with a set of logos + brands made from flat mica.

- Designing an impressive and eye-catching footwear display area.

Masta interior gives the shop a very beautiful, luxurious, outstanding and attractive shoe display space. Wood brown tones combined with white highlight the store's shoe display space.

Saigon Shoes  store design uses 3 types of shelves to display products.

  • The display wall shelf is made of melamine wood, with led lights in each batch
  • The middle shelf of the house is made of melamine wood, has wheels and flat mica letters "SAIGON SHOES"
  • Display shelf with powder-coated iron frame in gold color combined with melamine wood

Khu vực trưng bày sản phẩm
Saigon Shoes store Design by Masta Interior

The shop sells various types of shoes, so we have set up a bench for customers to try on the products. This bench is blue and is made from a natural wood frame, upholstered with felt / simili fabric to create a comfortable feeling for customers when trying on the store's shoes.

Khu vực ghế chờ ngồi thử sản phẩm
Saigon Shoes store Design by Masta Interior

At the end of the store, Masat's architect designed a Melamine bar (2100 * 3000). The wooden board is on the right side (3305 * 800) and is decaled with the logo set + the brand word "SAIGON SHOES" on it.

Trang trí shop giày dép tại Tân Bình, TP. HCM
Saigon Shoes store Design by Masta Interior

In addition, the design of Saigon Shoes shoe store also uses pipi prints to decorate the store space. This decorative painting set has a frame made of melamine and MDF which looks very nice and eye-catching.

- Construction details of the rough part of the shoe shop

  • Gypsum ceiling + painted frame finish
  • Plaster partition wall between workshop and shop (2 sides)
  • Laminate flooring imitation wood
  • White watercolor paint + patch
  • Ceiling light 18W

Thiết kế nội thất cửa hàng giày dép ở HCM
Saigon Shoes store Design by Masta Interior

Above is all the information and pictures of the design of Saigon Shoes store in Tan Binh district, HCM by Masta Interior. If you want to own such impressive shop designs, please contact Masta for advice.

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