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Cavani fashion shop design

Cavani fashion shop design
Project Field: Office
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 57 m2
Accessories: Inox,MDF wood,Pine Wood
Masta Interior  is proud to be the designer of GAVANI fashion shops . With the desire to bring customers  pleasure and satisfaction, we always make efforts and creativity in each project.


  • Investor's name: DAI SONG PHAT CO., LTD
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 57m2
  • Style: Modern, luxurious, classy
  • Address: 258 Vo Van Ngan, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc District
  • Time: May 2021


As a business enterprise in the field of fashion, Dai Song Phat Co., Ltd. has been creating its own mark in the hearts of consumers with the GAVANI fashion shops . Talking with Ms. Tra - Representative of Dai Song Phat Company to understand the wishes of the investor with the GAVANI Fashion Store Design project at 258 Vo Van Ngan, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc District, Masta learned. plan to build a modern, professional chain of stores. Let's see how we make the wishes of our customers come true

1. Style – Ideas

The red - black color  is cleverly used by Masta to create accents for the space. The combination of symmetrical contrasting colors white - black brings elegance and class to the space. The  front part is prominently decorated with a good match  of color and light. This design ensures that the criteria of creativity and aesthetics are also met. With this idea, the fashion shop interior design style shaped for GAVANI is elegance, modernity and class.

2. Details of the design

Front part

Creative signboard is a combination of raw concrete ,Cemboard, Alu and solid iron frame. Minimalist frame design combined with lighting effects from led lights, ceiling lights, glowing logo box highlighting the brand identity and glowing “GAVANI” mica and white stainless steel small letters. This sophistication and creativity makes us feel the modernity and class right from the outside of the store.

The double-sided luminous mica signboard with powder-coated iron frame  attracts the customers to the shop space.

Thiết kế mặt tiền ấn tượng
Impressive Front parts  design

The impressively painted melamine wooden showwindow box and led light system make the facade an impressive display cabinet.

Hộp showwindow ấn tượng, bắt mắt
Impressive and eye-catching show window box

Space layout

The shop space is arranged scientifically with rail shelves mounted close to the wall with powder-coated iron frames with melamine wooden shelves to display products.

Bố trí không gian khoa học
Scientific space layout

Masta also uses the middle shelf system with melamine wooden standing desk and box iron frame in the design of GAVANI fashion shop to increase the display space.

Gỗ Melamine kết hợp khung sắt sơn tĩnh điện tạo sự vững chắc cho tủ kệ
Melamine wood combined with powder-coated iron frame creates solidity for the cabinets

Hệ kệ giữa cửa hàng nhằm tăng không gian trưng bày sản phẩm
The shelves  in the middle of the shop  to increase the product display space

The check-in area outside the fitting rooms is uniquely designed. Walls use plastic wood slats, round mirrors and LED lights, spotlights for the design of the fashion store to add a touch of luxury.

Khu vực checkin độc đáo
charmful  check-in area

Khu vực thử đồ và checkin
Dressing and check-in area

The reception  - cashier is arranged inside, helping to have a wide view

Bố trí bàn lễ tân – thu ngân
Reception desk t – cashier arrangement

The elegant and white 2K painted MDF reception desk design highlights the luminous mica lettering “GAVANI” and the small typeface. The swivel chair design also makes it more convenient for employees to work.

Walls use plastic wood bars to highlight the impressive background with raw concrete Cemboard, glowing brand logo boxes and decorative details to create depth.

Khu vực thu ngân lịch sự, trang nhã
Courteous and elegant cashier area

Hopefully, with the fashion shop design suggestions in the GAVANI fashion shops, it will help you get more ideas for your store. Contact Masta for a free consultation!

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