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Interior design of Phuong Nam gold shop in Can Gio

Interior design of Phuong Nam gold shop in Can Gio
Project Field: Phone - Computer
Project location: TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Area: 50 m2

You are in need of a gold shop/ jewelry store, but you have no idea how to design and layout  for this. Please refer to the interior design plan of the 50m2 gold shop below.

Design information of Phuong Nam gold shop in Can Gio

  • Investor's name:  Tran Thi My Trinh
  • Category: Full shop
  • Area: 50m2
  • Style: Modern, luxurious.
  • Address: Nguyen Cong Bao, Tam Thon Hiep Commune, Can Gio, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Time: November 2021

Thiết kế cửa hàng vàng Phương Nam tại Cần Giờ
Phuong Nam gold shop  Design in Can Gio

Design ideas for Phuong Nam gold shop

After receiving information from customer ,Ms. Trinh, Masta  interior  quickly went down to the site to survey the ground to collect information so that it was accurate and meticulous. Below is a picture of the current status of the project that we have recorded.

Hiện trạng cửa hàng vàng Phương Nam
current status of the project

After careful discussions with the investor, Masta's architect has decided to choose a modern style to design this gold shop. Different from the usual gold shops, this design has chosen stone white color to bring a harmonious and soothing space but still not lose its elegance and luxury. The entire space of the gold shop is clad with alu stone with a milky beige color that is both extremely luxurious and classy. With this strewn stone material, the gold shop becomes bright and attractive, more eye-catching.

Không gian thiết kế tiệm vàng Phương Nam
Design space of Phuong Nam gold shop

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Design details of Phuong Nam  gold shop in Can Gio

- Design the front / sign board 

In order to meet the aesthetic criteria and attract customers of the facade area, Masta has used an iron frame combined with a luxurious white alu background with stone veins for the entire background of the sign.

Thiết kế mặt tiền cho tiệm vàng Phương Nam
Facade design for Phuong Nam gold shop

The word "TIỆM VÀNG" and the address and phone number are made from mirror gold alu material, bringing a luxurious touch to the shop. At the same time, in the middle of the signboard is the brand letter "PHUONG NAM" made from luminous mica material, making it easy for customers to see and remember the store whenever they intend to shop.

- Interior of Phuong Nam gold shop

Although the store space is only 50m2, it is not too large to be able to place many gold and silver display cabinets, but Masta's architect has consulted and offered a solution to design a closed L-shaped counter on both sides with the expectation that want to ensure the safety of the store without having to have too many staff to advise customers. This interior layout is based on the actual survey and professional experience of our architects. Thereby bringing new and unique spaces compared to the  others

Thiết kế nội thất tiệm vàng Phương Nam tại Cần Giờ
Interior design of Phuong Nam gold shop in Can Gio

The selected gold display cabinet system is made of melamine wood with imitation stone grain, covered with mirror gold alumni, combined with 8mm tempered glass cabinet with grinding edge above, creating a modern and convenient display.  In addition, in the middle of these two L-shaped cabinets, Masta has arranged a pop-up door with the size just enough for one person to ensure the safety of expensive jewelry products during the purchase and trading process.

Sử dụng hệ tủ chữ L cho tiệm vàng
Using L-shaped cabinets for gold shop

Gold, silver or jewelry are products that bring luxury to the wearer. Therefore, in order for customers to admire the beauty of jewelry, we have used transparent tempered glass for the product display area. This helps create effective visual views and makes it easy for customers to have an overview of the products. Especially in these display cabinets, Masta has a bright LED arrangement to make the gold shop's products more glitter and attractive.

Nội thất cửa hàng vàng
Gold shop furniture

Besides, Masta interior has arranged 2 iron-feet tables, 1 swivel chair and 4 bar stools for shop staff to sit and work.

- Interior decoration of Phuong Nam gold shop

In order to create a good brand and create impressions for customers about Phuong Nam gold shop, Masta has designed an impressive and eye-catching indoor sign. This sign is made from imitation stone wood, with MDF wood backing. On the signboard, Masta is decorated with logos and sets of letters:

  • Mirror gold alu logo set (345*300)
  • Set of letters "TIỆM VÀNG" mirror gold (1160*155)
  • Set of letters "PHUONG NAM" mirror gold (2450*270)

Trang trí cửa hàng vàng Phương Nam
Decorating Phuong Nam gold shop

In addition, Masta also uses chive -leaf glass hanging on the wall to decorate the shop. Around the wall is also decorated by alu wood wall tiles with imitation stone which is very impressive and eye-catching. The use of butter tube lights and spotlights both provide light for the store and make the jewelry products more sparkling.

Above, Masta shared the luxurious and charming design of the interior design of Phuong Nam gold shop in Can Gio. Hopefully, through this, you have had more suitable suggestions for your gold shop space.

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