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Design Vinh Hoa gold shop in Soc Trang

Design Vinh Hoa gold shop in Soc Trang
Project Field: Fashion
Project location: Sóc Trăng
Area: 80 m2
Accessories: Inox,MDF wood,Melamine An Cuong Wood
Currently, the increase in the average income of people is increasing, leading to an increase in the demand for beauty, especially jewelry and accessories. Therefore, the design of gold, silver and jewelry stores so that it is luxurious and classy gold shops is interesting to many investors. The following is the design of Vinh Hoa gold shop in Soc Trang that Masta Interior  would like to introduce to you.

The information of Vinh Hoa gold shop  in Soc Trang

  • Investor's name: Mr. Vinh Hoa
  • Category: Full shop
  • Style: Luxury - Modern.
  • Address: Hung Vuong street , Ward 6, Soc Trang City
  • Time:  July 2021

Style and  ideas for Vinh Hoa gold shop Design

With a spacious ground area and a  two - spacious front location, It’s a huge advantage to open a gold shop.

Hiện trạng mặt bằng cửa hàng vàng bạc Vĩnh Hòa
The status of Vinh Hoa gold  before

In order to attract customers, the architects of Masta have agreed with the investors to design the gold shop in a modern and luxurious luxury style. To accomplish this, the architects advised the shop owner to simply use the main colors of white, gray and black.

Thiết kế nội thất tiệm vàng Vĩnh Hòa theo phong cách Luxury
Interior design of Vinh Hoa gold shop in Luxury style

In addition, the use of delicate and sophisticated interior decoration details will also help to complete this style and idea.

Design in details

Taking advantage of the large floor area, Masta's architects have allocated 2 main subdivisions: the area for the gold shop and the kitchen and living room area of ​​owner's family. The highlight and brightest in this design is the spacious space of the gold shop and occupies most of the ground floor area of ​​​​the first floor of  users.

Mặt bằng bố trí không gian căn hộ của anh Hòa
The layout of the apartment

 To achieve a gold shop design  in a modern and luxurious style, the architects have focused on the following outstanding designs:

- Design an attractive front

The  front part of the gold shop is designed quite carefully and meticulously. The most  striking items are three sets of beautiful and extremely eye-catching signs. The signboard is made from a 25 -square iron frame with Cemboard panels. The bottom has a mirror alu panel of Trieu Chen 0.21 and a 304 gold stainless steel brace. The logo lettering on the signboard is "VINH HOA", "LUXURY" is made from gold-plated stainless steel with letters. 
Besides,  this façade area is also decorated with bright paintings and a golden price ratio table. They are all made from aluminum profiles, LED lights and some other materials.

Thiết kế mặt tiền tiệm vàng Vĩnh Hòa
Front part of the shop

- Selecting the right furniture for Vinh Hoa gold shop

In the main area of ​​the store space, we have selected luxurious display cabinets with different  shapes to make the most of the space. These display cabinets are all made from moisture-proof An Cuong wood frame on the front , Acrylic wings and melamine interior panels. Above the cabinet is a layer of   10mm super clear tempered glass that is sharpened and has a gold-plated stainless steel splint around the cabinet (thickness of 7 dem to 1 glass) combined with led lights, transparent bars to make the design even more luxurious. modern, important.

Hệ thống tủ trưng bày trang sức của cửa hàng
Hệ thống tủ trưng bày trang sức của cửa hàng

Interior design of Vinh Hoa gold shop uses a variety of wall patterns to bring freshness to the space. There are 2 wall systems designed in the gold shop space. The first wall model, in the position right behind the jewelry display area with the main material is PVC with imitation cement stone pattern on the columns, horizontal reinforced iron frame between the 2 columns, 5mm tempered glass on the columns and plated stainless steel splints. gilding. The set of logos with the words "VINH HOA + LUXURY" is made of luminous gold-plated stainless steel.

Vách logo chính của tiệm vàng
Vách logo chính của tiệm vàng

The remaining logo wall is located on the right side of the store and is made from moisture-proof melamine An Cuong wooden box (3640*350*3000). The surface has stone tiles, beveled glass glass, gold-plated stainless steel braces and the logo lettering "VIINH HOA + LUXURY" in gold-plated stainless steel.

Vách logo phụ của cửa hàng nữ trang
Vách logo phụ của cửa hàng nữ trang

In order to further improve the image of the store, Masta Interiors has also redecorated the columns of Mr. Hoa's house by PVC tiles with imitation cement stone pattern combined with gold-plated stainless steel decorative mirrors.

Thiết kế tiệm vàng Vĩnh Hòa tại Sóc Trăng
Vinh Hoa gold shop Design in Soc Trang

- Design reception are

This is also an important area to complete the gold shop space. Here, Masta's architect has arranged a sofa set on the left side of the store, and there is a lovely rectangular table with black and white veined stone top, powder-coated iron legs and a sofa set made from natural wood frames, painted iron legs, gray Korean industrial leather upholstery.

Thiết kế khu vực tiếp khách cho tiệm vàng
Design the reception area for the gold shop

On the right side of the store, right at the logo wall, there is a row of chairs placed close to the wall for customers to sit and wait. This chair is made of natural wood, with felt upholstered to create a comfortable and pleasant feeling for the occupants.

Vách logo phụ của cửa hàng nữ trang
Small  logo wall of a jewelry store

Finally, to highlight the luxury and modernity of the gold and silver shop, the architects arranged recessed lights and spotlights to help provide adequate light for the store space.

Khu vực ngồi chờ dành cho khách hàng
Waiting area for customers

We have just introduced to you about the design of Vinh Hoa gold shop in Soc Trang in a modern and luxurious luxury style. If you want to be consulted specifically for your store space, please pick up the phone and contact Masta immediately!

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