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Natural wood or industrial wood, Which is better ?

Natural wood or industrial wood, Which is better ?

25/07/2015 05:25


I'm planning to build some display racks for my cosmetics shop. I myself plan to build with natural wood, but my friends recommend using industrial wood. So let me ask  between natural wood and industrial wood, which is better?

Thank you.



Thank you for sending us your question. Your question is also the question of many people. Today, Masta Interior would like to provide some information for you to have a right view of different types of wood.

Wood is a very popular material in construction, especially in furniture production. In addition to the beauty of the wood grain, wood is also durable, easy to manipulate into unique lines, so it is always the first choice of consumers when shopping for furniture. Besides natural wood materials, industrial wood materials are also being used on the market more and more. So, if you are in need of buying furniture for your home or company, what material will you choose?

Natural wood has won the trust of consumers for a long time thanks to its quality and design, but industrial wood is still only a secondary choice thanks to its much cheaper price than natural wood. It is very easy to see that when choosing home furniture products, users are very fond of products made from natural wood and only choose industrial wood for office furniture because they have to buy in large quantities. But do you really understand about industrial wood and natural wood or the choices you have made so far are mainly due to the subconscious that is deeply ingrained in us: industrial wood is just a waste product from natural wood, so its value and The quality is also much worse?

First, perhaps we need to say a few things about industrial wood to better understand this material before comparing them. 

“Any wood that uses glue or chemicals to make that wood is called industrial wood. Most industrial wood is made from reclaimed, regenerated or top branches of planted forest wood for production. The main ingredients are still wood chips (for the production of chipboard), wood fibers (for the production of MDF boards),


Advantages of natural wood cabinets :

• Durable over time: Natural wood materials often have high durability, some rare types of wood such as Po mu, Giang Huong, Clove, Mahogany, Trac, Doi, ... also increase the value of wood over time. usage period.

• Beautiful: Natural wood has the beauty of nature, the wood grain patterns are the characteristics of each type of wood, no two types of wood have the same grain, so people who are knowledgeable about wood can see the grain in the past. wood to identify the type of wood, like human fingerprints. Depending on the preferences of each person, choose the type of wood grain, suitable paint color. Usually, people often paint the color of cockroach wings, dark yellowish brown depending on each person's preferences, or can also keep the natural color of the wood ...

• Durable with water: The outstanding advantage of natural wood is that it has high durability when in contact with water, of course it must be processed by experienced professionals.

• Firmness: The certainty of natural wood is very high no matter what type of wood you choose, compared to industrial wood, natural wood is stronger.

• Aesthetics, textures: Natural wood has many different sizes to create richness, with natural wood, workers can create artistic textures and textures, this usually does not do It is possible in industrial wood because industrial wood is produced in sheets with fixed and limited thickness, but it is not possible to join wood panels together like natural wood.

• Style: Classic, cozy, luxurious and modern day also available

Disadvantages of natural wood

• High cost: Natural wood is increasingly scarce, now most of natural wood is imported, so the price of wood is quite high, the processing cost of natural wood is high because it has to be done manually. Because of mass production such as industrial wood, the cost of natural wood products is always much higher than that of industrial wood.

• Warping, shrinking : When the interior worker, if he is not skilled, and does not work in a professional furniture production environment, it is very easy to make a substandard product and warping phenomenon. shrinkage will occur especially with large wooden panels such as cabinet doors, doors... most of the errors for furniture to have warping are due to the worker's unreasonable size arrangement.




Advantages of industrial wood

• Cost: Processing industrial wood is often simpler than natural wood, low labor cost, can be produced immediately without drying, choosing wood as natural wood, wood billet price is cheaper. , so industrial wood is often much cheaper than natural wood. The price difference depends on the type of wood.

• Warping: Industrial wood has the preeminent feature of no warping, no shrinkage. The wings can be flattened and painted in different colors.

• Construction and production time: As mentioned above, the construction time of industrial wood is faster than natural wood, and can be mass-produced because wood billets are usually available, in the form of plates, so workers only need to work. cutting, grafting, gluing, no effort in sawing wood, planning and processing sanding surfaces...

• Style: Modern, youthful style and various choices.

Disadvantages of industrial wood

• Durability: If comparing the durability between furniture made of industrial wood, it is not as durable as natural wood.

Therefore, it is difficult to say which type is better between natural wood or industrial wood. There are different options for each case.

Here are some of our shares. Hope this information will help you to make the best choice for your fashion shop design as well as store decoration furniture. If you have difficulty in designing a clothing shop, designing a cosmetic store, a shoe store, a phone... Please contact us. With our experience, we are sure to bring you beautiful and outstanding designs.

Good luck!

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