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Is 10 million enough to hire a shop interior designer?

Is 10 million enough to hire a shop interior designer?

25/07/2015 05:26


Masta Furniture consults to answer the question, is 10 million enough to hire a shop interior designer?

Client: Currently, I want to open a fashion shop with an area of 45m2 and want to hire a consultant to design the interior of my store, but I only spent 10 million VND to hire a designer. I want to ask if the above amount is enough to hire an interior designer for a fashion shop? Thank you.



Hi, Masta Interior is happy to receive your question and we would like to advise you on this matter.

Previously, the cost of interior design at Masta  interior  depends on many factors such as design area, customer requirements, ..Depending on different designs, there are different prices. Masta  interior  always strives to bring customers the best design products at the most reasonable prices.


Fashion shop Design by Masta Interior


For example, the design cost of Anh Binh's suit shop as shown in the picture is 8,5 million for 56m2. The current market price, the average design cost is 200,000 VND / 1m2. So, with 45m2 and 10 million VND, you can completely hire an interior designer for your fashion store.

However, when you come to Masta  Interior  to design and build a package, you will get 100% FREE design fee. For example, instead of losing 10 million for the design of a 60m2 store, when you design and build at Masta, you will not lose a single design fee.


Thanks for your question. Hope we have partly helped you answer your questions. Wish you  get much success in life.

If you still have any questions about the design and construction of the store, you can contact us immediately via the hotline: 0913.545.299 for advice and answers.

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