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Delivery and shipping policy

Delivery and shipping policy

26/10/2022 12:46

1. Delivery time:

  • The average delivery time will range from 5 to 15 days depending on the number of items requested by the customer.

  • Based on each specific order and production situation at the factory, Masta  Interior  will report a delivery time to customers to reach consensus.

  • Before delivery, staff of Masta Interior  will contact you to inform and confirm the information.

  • Masta Interior delivers on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding holidays and Tet.

  • In case the customer wants to change the delivery location, please contact Sales or Customer Care to inform in advance

- Cases that are beyond the scope of Masta Interior 's commitment to not deliver on time:

  • You do not provide accurate, complete shipping address and contact information.

  • Staff of Masta Interior  many times contacted you by phone, email but did not receive a response

  • The delivery time to the delivery address has been pre-determined with you but you are not ready to receive the goods

  • Masta 's staff delivered the goods on time according to the address information provided by the customer, but could not contact the customer.

  • Force majeure events such as natural disasters (including earthquakes, whirlwinds, traffic accidents,...), or disruptions to the national or local traffic network and axes mechanical failure occurs to vehicles or machinery.

2. Shipping policy:

  • Protection of goods during transportation: Before being shipped to customers, products are covered with a protective layer with PE plastic film, cement paper, edge cover to avoid scratches and damage to products during transportation. transfer.

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