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Small cosmetics shop design in Binh Duong

Small cosmetics shop design in Binh Duong
Project Field: Cosmetic
Project location: Bình Dương
Area: 18 m2

Thao's cosmetics shop - in Binh Duong is a project planned and designed in great detail by Masta Interior. This is only one of the most beautiful cosmetic shops in Binh Duong designed by us.

This project leaves a lot of impressions with smart design, reasonable interior layout, making the shop more airy even though Thao's shop is quite small.

Here are the main features of the project, for your reference!

Information about the design project of this cosmetic shop 

  • Investor: Ms. Thao
  • Address: 109 Thu Loi, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Province
  • Area: 18 m2

Highlights of the design project of this cosmetic shop.

Thiết kế mặt tiền shop mỹ phẩm 18m2 của chị Thảo tại Bình Dương
Cosmetics shop Design by Masta Interior

Ms. Thao's cosmetic shop is designed in a modern, feminine and luxurious style. Right from the facade, customers can feel it.

The door of the shop is made of transparent glass to help Thao's cosmetic shop space become more spacious and airy.

The part of the Shany Queen signboard design is very feminine with pink background paint combined with luminous mica lettering system and border lights to create outstanding elegance when customers look from the outside.

Hệ thống tủ kệ trưng bày mỹ phẩm của cửa hàng
Cosmetics shop Design by Masta Interior

Next is the interior of the shop, Masta's architect chose the color that Thao requested is white and light pink, which make the inside of the shop become lighter, younger, more open and cute.

We arrange product display shelves close to the wall to save space and optimize shop space as much as possible. The shelves with smart design with many compartments can display a variety of products. In addition, the cabinet is also made of high quality melamine wood, which is water-resistant, anti-curling,

Thiết kế shop mỹ phẩm nhỏ đẹp 18m2
Cosmetics shop Design by Masta Interior

In the middle of the shop space, we designed a display cabinet with transparent glass to create luxury and attract customers' attention.

Trang trí ánh sáng âm trần và đèn chiếu rọi hiện đại, sang trọng
Cosmetics shop Design by Masta Interior

In terms of lighting, we use modern ceiling lights with white light shining directly on the products displayed on the shelves and in the cabinets. When entering, with the neat and well-arranged interior combined with white light, the shop space becomes more spacious and airy.

thiết kế shop mỹ phẩm chị Thảo
Cosmetics shop Design by Masta Interior

On the top of each shelf and cashier's table, don't forget to decorate some potted plants to make the cosmetic shop much more friendly, natural and fresh to customers.

Above are some pictures as well as an evaluation perspective on the design project of a beautiful small cosmetics shop in Binh Duong. Thank you! Hope it's helpful to you!

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