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Advice on opening a cafe - How much does it take to open a cafe?

If you are intending to open a cafe, surely the first thing you must determine is how much capital you will invest (here including the amount of capital to open the store and the amount of capital to maintain) is 100 million, 200 million or 300 million or more and more…

Depending on the type of cafe, the size of the cafe... the amount of investment capital will be different. Simply put, a sidewalk cafe will definitely have a much lower investment than an office or luxury cafe.

If it is a small-scale coffee shop or sidewalk shop, you only need an investment of about 50 million to 150 million. As for the more luxurious and polite style shops, the cost may be 600-700 million or even higher.

The fact that you take advantage of the available business space will also help to save significant investment and maintenance costs for your store.

However, with the space of the cafe, it requires that it be located in a central location, with a large population with a beautiful view of the space, so you should not take advantage of the space that will not bring business efficiency.

Let's go through these 6 steps to get a list of the necessary expenses to open a cafe.

thiết kế quán cafe Coffee shop Design 


Currently, the cost of renting premises fluctuates at many different prices depending on the location you choose. Prices usually range from 15 million/month to 40-50 million/month or less or cheaper. Reasonable investment should be about 10% of your investment cost.


This stage is a very important stage because a cafe wants to retain customers, the element of interior space is the most important.

A cafe always requires its own uniqueness. Normally, if you have a little bit of investment capital, you should hire long-term interior designers to design and build a shop package that always saves costs and owns a cafe with a nice space.

- For example, when you come to Masta interior, you will be enthusiastically consulted by experienced architects to own a unique design according to the concept you desire. Next to the construction stage, you will be refunded the design money to invest in your construction. Simply put, when you choose Masta Interior, you will get 100% free of charge for interior design of the cafe.

Especially when you have used the construction design package of a reputable interior company, you will not have to worry about space furniture, counters, tables and chairs, lights...etc.

With furniture companies, there will always be long-term business partners, so often the cost of investment will be much cheaper than if you bought it yourself. This cost should also not exceed 45% of your investment cost.


In this account you will have to spend money on coffee machines, coffee grinders, green smoothies, cups, cups, cups, refrigerators....this cost should not exceed 20% of the investment cost.


You will need to invest in the necessary ingredients such as coffee, milk, chocolate, fruits...etc.

You should look for reputable and quality suppliers with affordable prices. It is recommended to invest for this cost about 15% of your initial investment cost.


Depending on the size of the store, hire a reasonable number of employees to avoid waste. You can refer to the general price of hiring employees from time to time.

It is also advisable to seek advice from an expert to better understand business taxes as well as the necessary permits to do business smoothly.


This cost is very important because usually, it is difficult for newly opened cafes to have a large amount of revenue from the beginning if not to say sluggish.

Therefore, you must prepare a capital to maintain the operation of the shop during the time of getting to know and retain customers. Effective PR strategies are needed to attract more customers.

The maintenance capital you should spend is about 1/3 of the capital you have before entering the investment cost calculation step.

For example, if you have 300 million, you should only invest about 200 million to open a shop and 100 million to help you maintain in the first months of operation from electricity, water, monthly salary to employees, rent. diplomas, food money...etc.

Don’t forget to contact Masta Interior  for us to advise you more on the design and construction of the shop, helping you to play an important part in your future business.

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