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Advice on choosing wood to set up a phone shop

Masta Interior advises on choosing the type of wood for a phone shop

If you are looking to open a phone shop and wonder about the choice of wood for your phone shop, please refer to Masta right away.

With many years of experience in the business of interior design and construction, we have designed and built hundreds of different stores across the provinces and cities across the country.

Particularly for phone shops, the main type of wood that we advise customers and which customers choose to use a lot is MDF.

So what advantages does MDF wood  have that it is used popularly in phone shops?

Thiết kế thi công shop điện thoại

Phone shop Design by Masta Interior

Construction of a phone shop with shelves combined by MDF with 2K paint and 8li ordinary glass.


Not only the phone shop, but for the construction of fashion stores, MDF is also the number 1 choice in wood types.

MDF is a type of wood industry with outstanding advantages compared to other types of wood, which is a variety of colors.

Customers can easily choose their favorite color to paint over the wooden surface. The paint color used a lot at masta interior is PU paint, when the wood is painted with PU on the surface to make the product shiny, bright color, durable over time, that's why for phone shops This wood is mainly used

When painting colors such as black, white, red or blue, the shop space is more prominent and attracts customers.

MDF wood is cheaper than other natural wood lines, and environmentally friendly. However, it has a big disadvantage that it is not water-resistant and moisture-proof (except for the green-core MDF), but the phone shop environment also always requires dryness, so there is no need to worry. about this too much.

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